Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
We're not just a crypto PR agency... we're die-hard fans

We're not just a crypto PR agency... we're die-hard fans

We're not just a crypto PR agency... we're die-hard fans

There are so many PR agencies either in the crypto industry or moving into it. As the industry grows and competition increases, effective public relations are becoming more and more important. A quick Google search and you’ll find a blockchain PR agency offering blockchain PR services and blockchain PR campaigns. However, you’ll want to be careful who you sign on with. Don’t just go for any NFT marketing agency.

Because of the hype of the crypto world, many a crypto marketing agency is really just your everyday PR firm. They saw dollar signs and either made the switch or has simply begun offering public relations services for any crypto project they can get their hands on. At Mooning, things are a little different. We offer crypto marketing services because, well… it’s who we are.

We’re a team of diehard Web3, blockchain and crypto fans who founded our blockchain PR agency to specifically offer blockchain PR services. We’re seriously passionate about your crypto projects or crypto company. We don’t just want to see your project succeed via our best blockchain marketing strategies; we want to see it contribute positively to the blockchain industry as a whole. This passion has led us to move away from traditional PR ideas and thinking. Instead, you can trust Mooning to think creatively and outside the box for you.

There are other crypto PR agencies... and then there's Mooning

There are other crypto PR agencies... and then there's Mooning

There are other crypto PR agencies... and then there's Mooning

Traditional PR agencies focus their PR strategies on what they already know. They might offer content creation for Instagram, get some digital advertising out there and perhaps boost your blog with some decently written SEO. Mooning has come to realise, however, that to stand out in the crypto space, crypto companies need to think of creative strategies that utilise the awesome new tools presented to us by Web3. Sure, we’re on the social media marketing train too, but it’s what we offer in addition to these traditional avenues that sets us apart. It’s a mindset.

Crypto startups can often get lost in content marketing, social media marketing and other traditional strategies. It feels overwhelming, repetitive, and time consuming. We’re not surprised that so many either avoid it or lose their mojo when they commit to it.

Mooning brings a dynamic creativity to the PR for your crypto brands. We make it fun again, exciting even! This is an exciting time after all with the world of Web3 and blockchain technology taking off. This is why we’re a marketing agency of choice for some of the top crypto platforms. It might sound simple, but we’re simply fun to work with.

Finding Blockchain PR agencies that listen... we know the struggle

Finding Blockchain PR agencies that listen... we know the struggle

Finding Blockchain PR agencies that listen... we know the struggle

You could have all the positive PR coverage, a clear and concise communications strategy, be featured in the top media outlets and on leading media sites… but it’ll all count for nothing if it’s not you that’s speaking. Too often, blockchain projects lose their unique brand voice amongst the development of their blockchain PR strategy.

We at Mooning find this terribly sad and believe blockchain PR strategies shouldn’t strip your voice away. As we develop your public relations and community management strategies, we listen. We listen to you. We want you to place your brand in our expert hands trusting that we won’t pull it apart and put it back together again, only for you as the creator to feel it’s suddenly an unfamiliar face.

Our crypto public relations are you talking through us. We know that community management needs to be convincing, but it also needs to be open, honest and unique. That’s why we’re one of the top blockchain PR agencies.

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Blockchain PR involves tech companies who work in the blockchain space ensuring that their brand is viewed and thought of positively, whether it be on the blockchain market or in the wider public. Blockchain companies are increasingly investing in this as Web3, crypto and the blockchain receive growing attention.

Whether it be Melrose PR, Luna PR, or Mooning, PR firms all over are being asked to create blockchain PR strategies. If it’s Melrose PR, Luna or us, these blockchain PR strategies include social media, website content marketing, media relations, and new exciting steps into metaverse advertising, NFT creation, and general business development.

A blockchain PR agency can help you and your brand in many ways. Whether its non-crypto companies looking to get in on the fun, or diehard crypto teams wanting to level up, good public relations are vital.

Crypto PR firms can provide a suite of strategies focused on building your community and the positive light your brand is seen in. They give you back your time and energy so that you can focus on what’s most important – your creations!

There are a range of social media channels that are utilised by many a blockchain PR agency. If you work with one of the best crypto PR agencies (like us) than they’ll know where to focus your efforts.

A blockchain PR strategy needs to be focused and concise in its efforts. Mooning is a blockchain PR agency that can assist with any of your social outlets, but the likes of Discord and Twitter are definitely the go to for many a PR firm.

Yes! We absolutely do. We’re a blockchain marketing agency that offers a suite of strategies and support for you to take advantage of. We’re not just some token agency that offers tokenistic services.

From beginning to end, we’ll tailor a blockchain PR strategy that approaches your community from all different angles and avenues. We then provide ongoing support for your brand to stay in the limelight! Press releases are only the start of it.

Mooning isn’t a blockchain market, and we’re not able to mint NFTs or the likes. We’re simply one of the best blockchain PR agencies out there who are focused on utilising all Web3 tools and technology that the blockchain hosts to provide you with the best blockchain PR we can offer.

We’ll also provide end to end support in getting started on a blockchain technology. Want to create NFTs? We’ve got your back. Want to buy land in the metaverse? We’re on it. Want to advertise using augmented reality? We know how.

Constantly! That’s why marketing agencies are scrambling to keep up. So many traditional marketing firms are making the switch without really thinking it through. This unfortunately leads to poor adaption to the industry and lower quality services.

Mooning, on the other hand, is a crypto PR agency that has been working in the industry for years. We’re a crypto PR agency who got in early, and for the right reasons. If you want the best blockchain PR agency in the Web3 world to back you and your business, get in touch today!