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A.. what agency?

If you missed the memo, a Non-Fungible Token or NFT is a unique digital file that itself can be the asset or it can represent another digital or even real-world asset. Individuals and brands all over the world are getting in on this fast-growing world, and there are plenty of opportunities to make serious bank while expanding your brand a thousandfold. 

And as long as you’ve got a top NFT marketing agency in your corner, the sky is most definitely the limit. 

Sure, you could skip an NFT agency and go into battle yourself, jumping into the deep end of the marketing pool on your own. But if you don’t have the experience and knowledge to create a first-class strategy, that pool can start to feel bloody cold, bloody quickly. And when you finally get out, the NFTs you so carefully created remain unknown and unsold.

A quality NFT advertising agency will have not only a huge amount of experience working with brands and artists – they’ll also be backed by a passionate team of marketers who know the ins, outs and what-have-yous of the NFT world like the backs of their hands. 

A quality NFT promotion agency like, say, us for example. Find out what we can do for your brand today by calling 1300 818 435 or messaging us online

An NFT agency for artists and brands alike

Not quite ready to take the next step yet? No worries, we get it. It can all be pretty confusing before getting on board with the right marketing firm. NFT art agents, for example, can sound pretty enticing for artists as they’ll help auction off the artwork via their channels.

But that all kinda falls apart if there aren’t any bidders at the auction, doesn’t it? You need a real buzz around it if you want to make sure you get the highest price when it does go to auction.

And for brands, speaking with an NFT PR agency might have you walking out of the meeting feeling pretty good about things. But when it comes to creating a holistic marketing strategy, when’s the last time PR was the ‘one and done’ thing on the list?

That’s where we come in. At Mooning, you’re not just getting an NFT art agent. Nor are you just getting an NFT PR agency.

Instead, you’ll be engaging with an NFT marketing company that delivers a comprehensive list of services, saving you time and money and giving your NFTs the best possible chance to achieve the most amazing results possible.

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The importance of a creative NFT agency

At their very core, NFTs are creative. This may be ridiculously obvious when it comes to digital art and music, but even domain names, may-mays (memes) and other types are all creative in their own ways.

And when’s the last time you saw a plain-Jane marketing campaign (Eminem eat your heart out) and thought to yourself ‘Wow, this is amazing! I definitely want to buy *insert crappy product here* now!’?


A creative NFT agency means a creative, out-of-the-box marketing strategy to align with the creativity that are your NFTs. An NFT promotion company that doesn’t produce stale, cookie-cutter campaigns that make people yawn, but approach every client as an individual and build a personalised strategy from the foundations up to suit.

Talk to the best NFT marketing company in the business

Let’s recap all the reasons why we’re the leading NFT marketing firm going around, shall we?

  • Our experience with both individual artists and brands is erring on the edge of the precipice of ridiculousness. Simply put, there’s nobody out there with more knowledge and understanding of the NFT world and how best to market within it.
  • NFT art agency? PR agency? Pff, we’ve rolled these and every other service you’ll ever need for an NFT marketing campaign that kicks serious butt and covers every necessary base.
  • Want a campaign that’s the marketing equivalent of dry white toast? Go somewhere else, because we’re proud to be a creative NFT agency that produces engaging, attention-grabbing ad campaigns that convert.

Let’s take the next step in our relationship, shall we? No, we’re not quite ready to exchange house keys just yet, but we are ready to have a chat on the phone about creating a top-shelf NFT marketing campaign for you.

Call us now on 1300 818 435 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch soon.

What is NFT marketing?

You might think that minting an NFT and putting it up for sale on a marketplace like OpenSea is the long and short of making money.

While it might net you a few bucks after a while, just like any other product being sold online the right marketing campaign will help boost awareness of it which can help to increase the amount it’s eventually sold for.

See, because there are more and more people flocking to NFT marketplaces to mint their own, the market is becoming more flooded with them. And as we all know, the less demand there is for something the lower the sale price will be.

A solid NFT marketing agency will help you create this demand. The way this is achieved will be completely dependent on the type of NFT you’re looking to market; as you’d imagine, digital art requires a totally different approach than music, for example.

And even within the sub-genres of NFTs, there are vastly different methods to marketing successfully: a pop song by a fairly well-known artist isn’t going to be promoted in the same way as an underground metalcore band.

Because of this huge variance in how each NFT’s marketing campaign needs to be developed, it’s so important that your NFT promotion agency doesn’t follow the same path with every client.

Ahem, like us - we don’t do that. In fact, we do the polar opposite because we know the better the results we get for you, the more chance you’ll tell other people how awesome we are at what we do!

Keen to get started?

Keen to get started?