Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
Making those big NFT marketplaces seem small

Making those big NFT marketplaces seem small

Making those big NFT marketplaces seem small

There are loads of NFT marketplaces out there to sell your NFT art on. They’re big, new and often intimidating to newbies when they go to sell NFT art for the first time. We at Mooning gets it – setting up on one of these babies to begin selling NFT art can seem intimidating and overwhelming. What are GAS fees? What is a timed auction vs fixed price sale? How do I set up a cryptocurrency wallet?

It’s a big complex world if you’re wanting to make and sell NFTs, but one that many are itching to get into after hearing all the success others have had on these NFT marketplaces. Mooning is here to make that first step into NFT marketplaces easier. We want you to get your artwork online in a few clicks of your mouse and have you feeling empowered to move beyond the traditional art world.

From showing you how to create digital wallets and create NFTs, to paying minting fees and selling NFT art at a fixed price or auction, Mooning are the experts in all things NFT marketplace. If you’re wanting to enter the NFT world on the right foot and for that first NFT sale to come sooner rather than later, we’re the team you need backing you as you begin to make and sell NFTs.

Choosing the right NFT platforms for the right audience

Choosing the right NFT platforms for the right audience

Choosing the right NFT platforms for the right audience

With so many NFT platforms out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for your NFT art and its audience. Most NFT marketplaces have a unique audience of digital artwork collectors who are seeking a particular ‘vibe’ of digital art. You’ll want to get this right from the get-go if you’re to successfully sell an NFT and want ongoing NFT sales.

Imagine an NFT showroom to be akin to a real-world art gallery. There are certain NFT artists they’ll attract and host, and each one is unique. Our team of NFT experts are here to support digital artists as they make and sell NFT art. We give you clear guidance on how to get your NFT collections up on the right NFT platforms for you. We help you consider the minimum price you’ll pay to mint NFTs, the preferred crypto wallet of your platform, the audience the platform attracts, whether you opt for fixed price or auction, and any other platforms that might work for you.

Most marketplaces make it pretty obvious what kind of NFT art they’re into but it’s a world in which things can seem to change in less than a day. Mooning is here to guide and support you in reaching your art sales record.

A strategy beyond the NFT marketplace

A strategy beyond the NFT marketplace

A strategy beyond the NFT marketplace

Creating NFTs on an NFT marketplace is only the beginning. We’re not talking about the additional work of getting your digital wallet connected and paying GAS fees. If you want to make and sell your NFT art successfully, you’ll need to ensure you branch out beyond popular marketplaces.

This is because many people who are looking at buying NFTs won’t go straight to NFT platforms. They’ll look for digital assets and NFT artworks that catch their eye on social media, in the news and other avenues. If you’re to make and sell NFTs successfully, you’ll need to have a strategy that takes your NFT art to these audiences. Selling NFTs on an NFT platform we can help with, but we offer so much more than that. We want your NFT artwork to be spoken about.

We know you’re not here just to be another average digital artist who jumped on the NFT art train. You want your digital art to be remembered, sort after, collected! These are all part of the incredible opportunities that NFTs offer. We’re a team passionate about selling art on NFT platforms, with years of experience getting our clients art in front of the masses.

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Selling NFT Art USA


Yes. NFT marketplaces like Nifty Gateway are typically hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and use an Ethereum wallet for purchases. This means you can’t sell an NFT through a typical merchant who isn’t hosted on this technology.

Non-fungible tokens are special in that they have a unique digital signature which is what makes them so awesome. This signature wouldn’t exist if they weren’t created on an NFT marketplace. Don’t be intimidated, with Mooning on your side, you’ll feel empowered to sell your NFT art on an NFT platform.

There are a range of NFT platforms to choose from and most NFT platforms have perks. It’s hard to say which are best for your digital file to be listed on without knowing what your NFT artwork is yet. Really, that’s why we’re the go to for so many. We consider the uniqueness of your digital art before we recommend an NFT platform.

Your NFT art already has a ‘best NFT marketplace’ for it, and we’re set on finding it for you. There are the big players like Axie Marketplace or Nifty Gateway, but we consider all options for your art.

NFT art needs to be a digital file and a creative piece. That’s about it! They key rule is, if your art is physical pieces and you want to sell an NFT, then you need to first digitise your work. You could take a photo of your art or record a live performance.

Other formats of NFT art include videos, video games, items for metaverse avatars and more. People will buy NFTs for a range of reasons, but NFT art is typically collected or bought as investments. If you want to sell NFT art but don’t have an NFT artwork, you can create one! We’ll show you how.

To turn your digital art into a digital asset on an NFT platform, you’ll need to get set up on one, potentially pay a GAS fee, connect a digital wallet, buy ETH, and more. Sorry, it’s not as easy as whipping out your debit card or apple pay and paying an NFT marketplace to handle it all for you.

Most platforms have instructions on how to get set up, but you’ll want to get it right from the get-go with your first non-fungible token art. There can be nasty surprises in the form of GAS fees and terms and conditions that apply when you sell your NFT art. Mooning will help you get your head around it all.

Yep, a payment wallet is essential. You’ll need to use native cryptocurrency in a digital wallet to pay GAS fees and the like for your art. As most NFT marketplaces are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, you’ll need to buy ETH in particular if you aim to sell your NFT on popular sites.

A Metamask wallet is the the go to digital wallet for many NFT platforms and can be linked via a Metamask wallet icon to streamline how you make and sell your NFT artwork. The same can be said for Trust wallet. The NFT market is run by the existence of the digital wallet, so you just simply won’t be able to sell an NFT artwork without one. Don’t worry! Mooning will assist with the whole process of getting a digital wallet up and running for your art.

If you want to sell an NFT successfully, you’ll want to bring attention to your art through the multiple avenues of the NFT space. Non-fungible tokens are spoken about constantly on social media, and you’ll find many an NFT fan and NFT post on popular sites such as Twitter and Discord.

You’ll be more likely to sell an NFT if you bring the attention of users from these sites to the platform where you’re selling NFTs. Think of it as an NFT highway, and you’re standing there waving a road sign that displays a desired NFT. If it’s attention grabbing, buyers will take the next exit to come see what art you’re offering!