Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
The go to for NFT influencers

The go to for NFT influencers

The go to for NFT influencers

Whether you’re already filling social media channels with promotions for prestigious NFT collections, or you’re an influencer just getting into the NFT world, Mooning is here to level up your game. We work with some of the best NFT influencers out there to build their status in the NFT community and get involved with some of the heaviest weight NFT projects.

On the other end of the spectrum, we work with beginning influencers who’s eyes are set on being in a similar position to those at the top. Whichever you are, our expert team at Mooning can help you better connect with your target audience and grow your following and influence.

We’re experts in developing crypto content, community management, digital marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing that speaks to the world of NFT. A combination of some or all of these strategies, each uniquely tailored to your brand and image, will have you promoting NFT creators as a top NFT influencer in no time.

Experts in NFT influencer social media

Experts in NFT influencer social media

Experts in NFT influencer social media

NFT influencers are social media platform beasts, or they need to be. Being able to utilize a combination of the right platforms as a social media influencer to promote the blockchain industry is one of the keys to success. Most influencers stick with one or two platforms, fearful of being inexperienced users on anything new despite crypto trends.

We get it, every new step can seem overwhelming and there are countless platforms becoming popular with crypto and NFT audiences. Some of them, like Discord, many have never even heard of! Mooning, however, has been in the game long enough to know how to create successful NFT influencers on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest… the list goes on. You name it, we know it.

This is because we know the best NFT influencers use a combination of these social platforms to speak to a growing audience. Our NFT marketing teams analyze key insights from social platforms to help you expand in the crypto space like you never thought you could!

Send an NFT project to the moon with Mooning

Send an NFT project to the moon with Mooning

Send an NFT project to the moon with Mooning

Like any marketing, successful crypto marketing requires strategy. If you want to work with the most prestigious NFT collections then you need to be able to offer a pro NFT marketing package that drives NFT sales. NFT creators want to hear the sound of their NFT collection take off when you promote it (especially considering how much you NFT influencers charge). So, of course, you do too.

The last thing you want is to promote an NFT collection only to have it fall flat and produce minimal results for your client. Mooning can give you that strategy. You know, the one that seems to intuitively respond to NFT and crypto trends, build on the momentum of the NFT craze, and get your clients the traffic they need to start offering pricing packages they only dreamed of.

If you want to be amongst the top influencers in the NFT game, Mooning can help take even the most basic NFT marketing package to the moon!

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NFT Influencers USA


You’ll find NFT influencers on Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and a range of other social media outlets. Their job? NFT influencers utilize these social platforms to produce what’s called NFT influencer marketing. Essentially, the NFT creators bring their NFT projects to influencers and entrust them with getting them to blow up amongst their following.

They don’t necessarily create NFTs themselves, though many like Snoop Dogg or Gary Vaynerchuk do. Gary Vee is an example of one of the top influencers with a widely spoken about NFT project of his own. One thing is for certain, NFT influencers work hard.

If you want your name to be read in the NFT news, or for every NFT artist to be bringing you their most impressive NFT creation or NFT collection for promotion, then Mooning is your go to. This is because our devoted team of experts bring together years of know-how, tools and experience to create tailored strategies that can help an NFT influencer produce tonnes of traction for their clients and themselves. The crypto and NFT space is our bread and butter, and growing the NFT world is our passion. Whether it’s a digital asset of your own or a clients, we’ll get it into the NFT times.

NFT influencer marketing can be a key to the success of NFT brands like Bored Ape Yacht Club as they strive to reach new customers in a world that is cautious of anything that mentions the word ‘metaverse’ or ‘NFT’.

The existing trusting relationship between influencers and their communities is what brands want a piece of and they’re willing to pay big money to tap into it. Sharing NFT projects with the masses is so much more effective if they’re hearing it from someone they see in their news feed every day.

Mooning is keen to shake hands with creators, brands, businesses, companies… really anyone who wants to be heard in the NFT world. We offer marketing and PR services for a broad range of NFT clients, customizing packages and strategies that help their projects reach the moon, or their voices be heard on it’s surface. Mooning is the go to for authentic, organic, drastic growth, and we share your passion for the Web3 boom!

To become an NFT influencer and join those at the top for coffee at Crypto Baristas (one of our favorite cafes might we add) you’ll need to first build a significant following. Then you’ll want to attract the attention of an impressive NFT collection who could benefit from the relationship you have with your audience.

Alternatively, if they don’t reach out to you, you could reach out to them and offer your services. While reaching out to creators, you could also establish strong connections with those who’s metaverse account collects NFTs like they’re going out of fashion. You become the one who marries the two together and you can be paid big dollars for it.

Yes and no. There’s a lot considering the size of the industry, but they make up a small portion of the industry as a whole. Mooning is well aware there are very few female NFT influencers and we want to change that. The playing field needs to be evened out and Mooning is set on making it happen.

Our male and female clients alike receive our strongest NFT marketing strategies and promotion packages to use in their influencing, but we have a particularly keen interest in getting female influencers on the bitcoin express train too.