Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
Selling NFT assets? We'll help you get it right the first-time round

Selling NFT assets? We'll help you get it right the first-time round

Selling NFT assets? We'll help you get it right the first-time round

NFT creators are in such a rush to make the most of the early days of Web3 that they often don’t take the time necessary to learn the ins and outs of NFT platforms before putting their projects up for sale. This leads to mistakes when creating and selling NFTs. We’re not saying slow down, you don’t need to.

Mooning can provide the expertise and know-how of the NFT space, any NFT platform, the NFT market and the NFT world in general that you’ve been missing to ensure you get it right the first-time round without the steep learning curves. Selling an NFT isn’t always easy, we know that. It takes a lot of due diligence locating popular marketplaces, setting up a crypto wallet, paying gas fees, setting privacy preferences, and ultimately transforming your digital assets into non-fungible tokens that you can sell.

Then there’s looking for potential buyers, managing secondary sales, and the extra due diligence that comes with listing on other marketplaces. Mooning is a front to back marketing agency that won’t just hold your hand through these processes but empower you to take them on!

Commitment to the success of your digital asset

Commitment to the success of your digital asset

Commitment to the success of your digital asset

We don’t follow the same process for everyone. This is your NFT collection and it’s unique. We’re a team committed to ensuring that we understand your NFT collection as well as you do so that we can provide tailored strategies when it comes to getting your NFTs up for high profile sales. Perhaps there’s a specific marketplace or NFT platform your NFT art is more suitable for. Perhaps there is a specific buyer field we need to tap into.

Whatever unique solutions your NFT collection needs to be successful when it hits the marketplace, we are able to guide you in the process. To sell an NFT typically isn’t a one-time thing, and we wouldn’t want it to be. They can be the gift that keeps on giving through subsequent sale and profits beyond the original purchase price of the same NFT. So, we stick with you.

We’re not here to help you sell your NFT once and then leave you hanging. We want you to experience real ongoing success that will allow you to continue asking for a higher price for your non-fungible token collections. If you want to sell non-fungible tokens as a proper investment and not just a flimsy gimmick, you’ve come to the right place. We take it as serious as you.

In-depth knowledge of the NFT marketplace

In-depth knowledge of the NFT marketplace

In-depth knowledge of the NFT marketplace

Any NFT platform has hoops to jump through and forms to fill. When you go to create NFTs you’ll come to the quick realisation that getting your digital file on an NFT platform, turned into NFTs and then being able to sell an NFT is a bit of a process. Don’t get us wrong, the binance smart chain is some seriously impressive tech but NFT platforms have a way to go in terms of user-friendly experiences.

Lucky for you, the team at Mooning have in-depth knowledge of the whole marketplace ready process and are here to help. From the moment you hit that create button up until you’re enjoying additional sale profits, we will be passing on the knowledge you need to feel empowered on any NFT platform. Gas fees? No concern. How to mint NFTs? Got it. Funding your Ethereum wallet? Easy as.

In the end, there’s one thing we want the whole process to be… enjoyable. That’s because it should be. It’s an exciting leap into an innovative world full of like-minded passionate people. It shouldn’t bog you down, so let Mooning lift you up.

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Selling an NFT USA


Selling NFTs requires a number of steps from finding a suitable NFT platform, setting up a digital wallet on the Ethereum blockchain, funding that wallet, minting your NFT collection, setting a value, deciding how you want to sell and managing any gas fees. It can seem like a complicated process and overwhelm many creators of digital artwork.

Too many turned away

It’s a shame to see something like setting up digital wallets deter a creator from sharing their incredible ideas with the world. However, with the right know-how and expertise, it doesn’t need to be a difficult process.

Short answer? Absolutely. Mooning has partnered with countless digital artists to sell NFTs. We can get you set up on the right NFT platform for a digital artist and your unique digital asset. Beyond setting up on the Ethereum blockchain, we can ensure your artwork is presented to audiences in a way that has their heads turning and their hands reaching for their digital wallet. We want you to focus on doing what you do best… creating. We’ll ensure that while empowering you in the blockchain space, we also provide the space for you to continue doing what you love.

A timed auction is the opposite of a set price for your NFTs. It essentially means putting your NFTs up for auction so buyers can bid for them. These auctions are set to run for a certain amount of time, and once that time expires the last bid is the value they’re sold at.

Pros and cons

There are many advantages to auctioning your NFTs. The final sale amount can be driven higher by competition, especially if you’ve grown your audience and your NFT collection is well known. A downside is that it could sell at a much lower amount than you hoped for if it’s not marketed well.

A set price sale is when the value of NFTs are set to a certain amount that does not change. The offered value is what buyers need to pay in order to purchase the NFTs. There is no bidding or fluctuation, it is simply pay what’s being asked for.

Pros and cons

Benefits of this are that you know what you’re going to earn from NFTs and how much will enter your trust wallet when they sell. Downsides are if you set your sale value too high on the marketplace before effective marketing has taken place, then it can deter buyers.

The key to successfully selling NFTs? There’s so many, but we’d have to argue it’s getting things right from the get-go. Ensuring that you have everything set up ready to go before listing, and that you’re familiar with the inner workings of a platform will pay off big time down the track. Too often we see creators rush the process, understandably eager to get their awesome ideas in front of an audience. Mooning can help you get it right from the start.

Essentially, yes. Video files, photos, writing, art, music… it can all be minted into NFTs. There are some important technicalities to consider but most of it is possible. If you’re not sure, ask Mooning. We’ve got years of experience successfully working with creators of all different kinds of digital works!