Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
Metaverse marketing that gets you seen by millions in minutes

Metaverse marketing that gets you seen by millions in minutes

Metaverse marketing that gets you seen by millions in minutes

As a society, we continue to transition into the virtual space. If your brand is to keep up with this evolution, old marketing efforts are going to need to be replaced by new strategies that incorporate metaverse technology. Without it, you’ll have no chance of reaching two very important age demographics – Gen X and Millennials. Entering your brand into virtual spaces now can deliver a much wider reach and get you a step ahead of your competition in the direction society is heading. Sounds good, right?

The newest – and definitely the most exciting – avenue to advertise online is metaverse marketing. In fact, it’s fast becoming an absolutely essential element to any effective strategy. Right now, marketing in the metaverse simply isn’t being utilised by the vast majority of your competitors. So, its prime time to get ahead of the pack by taking a leap in to the virtual universe and incorporating metaverse marketing advice into your strategy.

who can give that advice?

That’s where we come in. Mooning, through our knowledge on developing cutting edge metaverse marketing campaigns, will help shape your brand to break through the saturated world of digital marketing.

A metaverse marketing agency that works with you

A metaverse marketing agency that works with you

A metaverse marketing agency that works with you

A step into entering the virtual environment may seem like a daunting one. You’re probably wondering, what even is blockchain technology? How does metaverse marketing make an impact? What on earth are virtual avatars? Mooning has answered such questions and many more countless times.

Here at Mooning we’ve dedicated ourselves to learning everything there is to know about the metaverse. We have studied how metaverse users interact and use this to ensure your virtual store stands out. Our metaverse marketing advice has already given numerous brands the chance to use digital mass marketing to engage existing communities that they would have otherwise completely missed in the physical world. We believe the potential strategic implications of digitalising your marketing are endless, and we want to work with you so that you can enter these virtual environments as soon as possible.

A virtual Metaverse marketing strategy for a virtual world

A virtual Metaverse marketing strategy for a virtual world

A virtual Metaverse marketing strategy for a virtual world

Native advertising in the physical world now seems like an ancient practice. It’s clear that digital marketers who are advertising on a social media platform and/or a metaverse platform are the ones who are flying above the rest. Think Mark Zuckerberg with his creation of the Facebook metaverse. Think Animal Crossing hosting their own virtual concerts. Think Nike using virtual sneakers and NFTs to increase their company’s revenue every year. Sounds crazy, but this is the future of marketing.

With the transition into these virtual worlds showing no sign of slowing down, companies have to quickly adapt to keep up with rapid new developments. Getting your head around all this new technology might sound like a mammoth task. However, Mooning is here to make this a fun and fruitful learning experience. We will help you join others who have created their own fully functioning universe to promote their brand through immersive experiences for their consumers. In no time, you’ll be generating your own digital collectibles, hosting your own virtual events and reading your consumer journey analytics like a pro. So why have your brand stay stagnant in real life, when you could allow your brand to flourish digitally?

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Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of an alternate reality. VR technology takes users on an immersive experience where one can interact with environments and objects without being physically present in the same place. Cool hey! VR allows all of this to be possible through computers and sensory devices such as VR headsets and gloves. Whilst you might already be familiar with VR from your favourite video game, this technology is fast evolving from its humble entertainment origins. It’s clear that the future of VR will be used in many ways to enhance businesses.

Augmented reality blends the digital world and physical elements to create an artificial environment. AR enhances the real life with images, text, and other virtual information via devices. You’ve probably already used some form of AR today via your smart phone. Like VR, AR isn’t just useful in the entertainment world. For instance, homeware companies have now used AR to allow consumers to visualize what their products might look like in their own homes!

By entering the metaverse you can use virtual and augmented realities to grow your brand. Not only this, but using this technology ensures quicker, more informed, and more satisfied purchases. There are countless possibilities so for simplicity we will list some here:

  • Provide virtual showrooming to take online shopping to a new level
  • Use a combination of virtual and augmented to create visual experiences for users
  • Add a gaming element for customers to earn points or discounts
  • Use immersive experiences to educate consumers on how products work
  • Use augmented and virtual reality to bring a service and an experience into the customer’s home without having to be physically there
  • Encourage virtual try-ons
  • Create branded filters on various platforms to enhance customer engagement with your content

Mooning can give you the skills and know-how to ensure implementing these strategies is available to you as soon as possible.

Mooning has been playing the metaverse games for a very long time. We know how to tap into the possibilities of the metaverse, and how you can use this to secure a worldwide influence. We’ve held the hands of many businesses before yours, who are now making colossal moves in the virtual space. When it comes to the metaverse, we are the self-contained marketing guides that you need. Without our guidance your user generated content will be lost among the rest. Let Mooning help you tie your laces on your digital sneakers and get you running with the rest.

Yes, it is indeed. Its the ability to create a unique and immersive experience for consumers that sets virtual marketing apart. Yes, you could simply advertise your business on a billboard that no one will look at. But why do that, when your consumers could create avatars and enter a fully functioning universe that is covered in your brand! Why not throw a virtual event that anyone, anywhere in the physical world could join in on?

Alright, you’re now probably dying to tap into the potential of these immersive environments. Well, you’re going to need a very good set of metaverse marketing strategies targeted specifically at augmented and virtual reality. This isn’t easy to do on your own, and we can’t provide the answers in one paragraph. Each brand is individual, and at Mooning we take our time to get to know you and your brand so that we offer only the most tailored strategies for success. Get in touch today!