Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
The NFT community manager of choice for the world's best!

The NFT community manager of choice for the world's best!

The NFT community manager of choice for the world's best!

To be successful in the world of NFTs it’s mission critical to have a strong community. If you are an established brand with an engaged audience, you already have a head start. If you haven’t, fear not, it’s never too late – the time is now to get moving! It all starts with ensuring you have the best community managers in the game (that’s us).

The challenge is that it takes time, patience and a lot of hours on social media to build an NFT community. A LOT of hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Lucky for you, our team of social media experts have years of experience in community management and nurturing communities online, so we can help them love you as much as we do!

We assist with adding value to your community so they are consistently engaged in your brand – this will be crucial when your NFTs drop! Remember, your NFT project won’t have value if you don’t have an audience of NFT enthusiasts to sell them to. Your community will become the heart of your NFT strategy. Trust the NFT community management at Mooning to take care of it.

Fostering communication with your NFT communities

Fostering communication with your NFT communities

Fostering communication with your NFT communities

To be successful in Web3, you need to build in front of your community. Whether it’s Discord or Twitter, we will make sure your community is kept up to date with your progress through effective social media community management. We’ll also activate regular community activities to keep them entertained and engaging with your NFT marketplace.

Pre-NFT collection drop, your community will be the potential buyers of your NFTs. Post-drop, your community will be the holders of your NFT, and trust us, they will share their experience. With the right social strategy, they may even develop their own sub-communities via social media channels. Suddenly, your NFT community will be the ones that promote your creations to their network through brand mentions and bring you a wider audience in additional traffic.

Without a community, even the best NFT projects will fail. It’s one of the most important questions in the game… who are you creating NFTs for? If you don’t have a clear answer, you need Mooning’s social media management expertise if you want success in the NFT space!

A community management strategy unique to your community

A community management strategy unique to your community

A community management strategy unique to your community

Our NFT community management services are tailored to your NFT communities. The social media platforms we engage with them on, the community engagement strategies we establish, the digital channels we explore – they all take into consideration the social identity of your audience. Mooning knows that your brand’s reputation isn’t just influenced by what you say, but also how you say it and where you speak to your target audience from.

We ourselves are die hard NFT enthusiasts and part of the NFT community. We aren’t building a marketing strategy from the sidelines of the NFT industry. We’re in it. As a result, we have lived the social media conversations, been event organizers, used follow hashtags and engaged in as many online avenues as your target audience. We know them because in many ways, we are them.

We understand that while a community wants to grow, it also wants to be unique. Take Bored Ape Yacht Club for example. We look at NFT community management as something that needs to explore new platforms while ensuring users hear you share ideas on social media channels that speak to their uniqueness. For community management services that both build and retain your NFT community, look no further than Mooning!

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Social media community management is taking your interactions with your target audience beyond the NFT marketplace. It involves speaking directly to your NFT community on a social media platform or through media outlets. You might keep them updated on your NFT progress through social posts or offer services in combination with your NFTs.

Managing a community on social media requires the right tools for your team to connect online with audiences and promote sales. Mooning has years of expertise in selecting and using the right online avenues for your project.

The Mooning team offers a range of community management and community engagement services to help your NFT community fall further in love with your brand and grow! We are experts at social media management, tailoring unique experiences and ways for your audiences to connect with your NFT marketplace.

We utilize social media, digital media outlets, physical advertising, SEO and more to help you become more loved than their favorite basketball team. You can focus on creating NFTs, we’ll focus on managing your community.

A strong NFT community talks up your brand, shares your brand, and commits to your brand and services. Your own NFT community is at the heart of the success of your project. If community management is ignored, it can cause customers to start exploring other projects and services in the NFT space, moving away from your business, and the worst possible outcome of negative online talk about your brand.

Well, yeah, you could, but we have some things you might want to consider before you put on that hat. Being able to manage an NFT community is harder work than many think, especially as it grows. You need to message users, keep them up to date with what you’re creating through social posts, increase sales without seeming pushy, all the while trying to think of new ways to grow your online audiences and NFT community. Social media management can involve having to manage multiple channels, and many creators find it distracts greatly from NFT creation. Still want at it? Mooning is here if you answered absolutely f***ing not!

Absolutely. A lot of people say growth of your audience won’t happen overnight, but we beg to differ. Our dedicated team wants you to be the next Bored Ape Yacht Club or Axie Infinity. For that to happen your business growth can’t stop when your head hits the pillow.

Mooning works at ensuring your NFT project is spoken about round the clock within your own NFT community and the wider NFT industry. With a great social media community management strategy we set your NFT community growth on autopilot.

You know those pushy, cliché marketing videos that you see real-estate companies shove in our faces on Instagram? Yeah, we’re not about that. You need organic growth of a committed customer base. When projects go too aggressive it pushes your users away. On the other hand, you can lay it on too soft and your social media platforms can fall flat on deaf ears. Mooning will help you find that sweet spot where you’ll experience growth like you’ve never seen before.