Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
Mooning, the experts in virtual real estate

Mooning, the experts in virtual real estate

Mooning, the experts in virtual real estate

The Mooning team are experts in digital assets and the virtual reality space. We’ve worked with countless high-profile clients on metaverse platforms, helping them enter their business into virtual worlds and buy metaverse land successfully the first-time round. Working to monetize virtual assets in the digital world is where our attention has been focused since our inception, and you can bet your digital wallet that we’ve become experts in metaverse land NFTs.

We’ll guide you through platforms such as the Decentraland marketplace, help you understand decentralized finance, and manage any technical considerations that arise. We understand digital land purchases can be overwhelming, but with the right team behind you, they don’t need to be.

Ensuring you’re buying metaverse land safe and sound and enter the virtual real estate game feeling empowered with the expertise and know-how of a veteran team behind you is our mission. Our track record helping others buy land in the metaverse shows we’ve been pretty damn good at accomplishing that mission so far.

Enter the metaverse: buy land next door to... Snoop Dog?!

Enter the metaverse: buy land next door to... Snoop Dog?!

Enter the metaverse: buy land next door to... Snoop Dog?!

You might be surprised to hear that real estate in the metaverse (or should we say digital real estate?) is already a booming industry. Don’t believe us? Well, in early 2021 there was a sale for a plot of land in the Metaverse for over $4 USD million! Yep, you heard that right, metaverse real estate can fetch a high price.

That’s not all – global businesses like JP Morgan, HSBC and Samsung are just some of many to purchase their own virtual land in various metaverses. Mooning understands that purchasing land in the metaverse, like many other digital assets in Web3, can be an amazing marketing opportunity for your business. Mooning will work with you on the metaverse platform to establish clear objectives and goals for buying virtual land.

We understand that this is your hard-earned money, and just like buying land in real life, this is a cautious investment that you want to get right. Whilst factoring in your objectives, we will work with you to identify land in the metaverse that could maximise ROI of your virtual property purchase. Who knows, you could buy land in the metaverse only to realise you’ve got Snoop Dogg as your neighbour!

Don't get left at the fringes of a virtual world

Don't get left at the fringes of a virtual world

Don't get left at the fringes of a virtual world

Many individuals and businesses are afraid to buy virtual real estate and as a result, are missing out on the opportunity to purchase land in this extremely fast-growing part of Web3. Yes, these virtual lands are ever-expanding but that’s not to say they don’t have some similarities to real world land – if your fear keeps you at bay for too long, prime location virtual properties will be snatched up by others and their price will only rise.

You could find yourself a few years down the track looking at land parcels on the fringes of the digital realm. Don’t be surprised if you find you’re kicking yourself because you didn’t buy land in the metaverse earlier. Like real world real estate, metaverse land plots are only rising in price. Users are now throwing their crypto wallet at metaverse lands like never before.

What could lead to many missing out is a mindset that most metaverse platforms won’t last and a virtual asset isn’t a safe investment. Well, you might consider the fact that these days, one of the key Meta platforms (previously known as Facebook), is Horizon Worlds, a virtual reality metaverse. They’ve thrown billions at it in the past year alone. If Zuckerberg is in on it, it could pay to pay attention.

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Yes and no. Real life operations will take place on metaverse platforms, but you can’t sustain your real body with food and water consumed in the metaverse. Instead, you get to explore and build on your metaverse land using what’s called an avatar. Avatars are digital versions of you on the metaverse platform of your choice.

Consider your digital real estate as your avatar’s own personal space. If current interest and investment keeps up, in no time you could be ‘driving’ down the road to visit virtual casinos, virtual art galleries, or virtual sports and music events in a metaverse project.

It depends what metaverse platform you’re using. Some allow you to simply buy property (for now), but others already have the capability to allow you to build your dream home. Jump on Somnium Space for example and you’ll be able to utilise the Somnium builder. You could be spending a lot of time in your new home one day!

This could influence your decision when it comes to choosing virtual plots to build on before your first land purchase. Maybe you’ll want to spend your hard-earned digital currency on land that gives your pool a view?

It definitely can be. It’s important for us to make it clear that we don’t offer investment advice, but we help you find options that fit what you’re looking for and support you with a step-by-step guide to getting into metaverse real estate.

If you’re wanting more pointed financial advice, there are dedicated real estate brokers and consumer lending companies that even offer virtual real estate lending. We can only talk for the financial success many have experienced from investing in land in the metaverse. It only takes a quick Google to find a success story.

In a metaverse you can do more than buy land. You can whip out your digital wallet and spend digital money or the native token of your platform to play the newest VR video game, hang out with friends, buy assets for your avatar and access services for your business.

A platform’s marketplace offers so many services that it’s best to simply get on and start exploring! They also host events (great metaverse marketing opportunities for your brand) that have well-known musicians perform. By well-known, we mean the likes of Snoop Dogg and Eminem!

Buying virtual land doesn’t have to be complicated. Mooning will provide expert guidance when it comes to metaverse platform choosing to find the right third-party platform for you. We work with the big platforms that you can trust such as Sandbox, which holds more than fifty percent of metaverse land parcels.

Our team will help you navigate the world of smart contracts (these store the transaction history of properties), non-fungible tokens, metaverse land prices, and purchase mana until you’re the proud new owner of metaverse properties!