Our team have worked with the world's best!

Our team have worked with the world's best! Our team have worked with the world's best!
Lost in the world of NFT marketplaces? We’ve got your back

Lost in the world of NFT marketplaces? We’ve got your back

Lost in the world of NFT marketplaces? We’ve got your back

So, you’ve decided you want to move forward with an NFT strategy to transform your digital art portfolio into an NFT collection. Now what? If you can mint an NFT, that’s a win! If you can’t, it’s all Gucci – we can help you transform your digital assets with the right creator for your brand. Minting NFT assets doesn’t need to be mind numbingly complex.

Once you pre mint NFT collections, you need to find the right platform to list them on. If you thought minting an NFT was hard, wait ‘til you explore blockchain platforms! Finding the right NFT platforms can be a nightmare for a digital entrepreneur. There’re tons to choose from and you want to get it right from the get go with your first NFTs.

Never fear, we’ve got your back. We research and recommend the right online marketplace for your project. This will take into consideration your brand values, fees, and listing types. NFT creators shouldn’t feel like blockchain based asset administrators. To navigate the many NFT marketplaces out there, you’ll want Mooning at your side!

Get global attention with standout NFT minting services

Get global attention with standout NFT minting services

Get global attention with standout NFT minting services

The NFT market is still so new that there is big opportunity for brands to not only lead with ground-breaking activations, but also help introduce their customer base to this new digital age. The way you mint NFT assets including the marketplace you mint NFT assets on can have a big impact on the success of your NFTs.

You’ll frequently hear us referring to getting it right the first time round. Mooning is here to help you do just that. We’ll ensure your digital assets are minted in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way for your digital artwork to get the immediate attention it deserves! There are already so many crypto collections out there, with the number only growing.

Mooning helps your digital item stand out on the Ethereum blockchain. We’ll support you from when you mint NFTs for the first time all the way through to your final selling price and beyond. Your digital asset is unique and Mooning understands that. It’s attention grabbing in it’s own right. The Mooning team just knows how to get it in front of the right audience at the right time and in the right way!

You bring the digital art and Mooning will handle the rest

You bring the digital art and Mooning will handle the rest

You bring the digital art and Mooning will handle the rest

We don’t want creating an NFT to turn your creative process into digital labor. Creating NFTs is your focus, navigating the interplanetary file system on your behalf is ours. Our team of experts can organize your digital wallet, sort your digital art into a collection, mint NFTs on your behalf and ensure you become a successful early adopter of decentralized database technology.

Mooning takes the laborious end to end processes out of the hands of content producers and ensures that creating remains your sole business. At the same time, we teach you the ins and outs of your first sale so that you feel empowered in building your collections further and in the secondary market.

There’s really nothing Mooning can’t do when it comes to the mint NFTs process. Our team has the expertise to manage transaction services, pay gas fees, secure your digital data, set up your crypto wallet, create an NFT, and for successfully selling your NFTs on the NFT marketplace (all in the same browser). You create, we’ll generate!

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NFT Minting USA


An NFT marketplace is your go to platform to create NFTs and for selling NFTs. On sites such as the OpenSea marketplace you can mint your non-fungible tokens and set your first timed auction or fixed price sale. They’re where the community comes together and your buyers will be on the look out for NFTs that catch their eye.

We love digital asset automation

They host your digital files for a service fee, link your wallet and automate the transaction all in the same browser. When a purchase transaction occurs, the digital art is automatically transferred and the sale price is sent to your crypto wallet.

To mint NFTs you need to work through some due diligence that can be time consuming and takes some know-how. You won’t be able to sell a digital asset until you have a crypto wallet, connect wallet services to a platform, know how to buy Ethereum and store Ethereum based tokens, pay gas fees, and more.

Other considerations

There are also other important considerations such as the image source of your pre mint NFTs and securely storing your crypto wallet. Sound overwhelming? Take advantage of Mooning’s expertise in all things NFT minting!

If you don’t have a digital file, you’ll need one. NFT minting is the process of transforming digital art into something that can be stored on a digital distributed ledger. You might be noticing the recurring word… digital.

When there’s a will, there’s a way

If you don’t have digital art to use, you can create a digital asset out of your physical works through photographs or recordings. Video game developers needn’t worry but we understand you might be an oil painter, live musician or sculptor. Mooning is here to help with the digitization of your talents!

There are many NFT platforms to choose from when you go to create new NFT assets. Some offer free minting services often referred to as lazy minting. Lazy minting involves minting an NFT but avoiding paying any gas fees (administration costs) up until you make a sale.

Gas fees aren’t all bad

Other platforms won’t offer lazy minting and their prices might vary depending on a number of factors. Free minting isn’t always best though. Platforms that offer lazy minting might not offer other perks that are beneficial to the process of minting an NFT because technically you haven’t paid for their services yet. Mooning is here to help you navigate the complexities!

Mooning doesn’t offer minting services directly, but we definitely know where to go for your first mint. We’ll assess the current value of your NFT, your community and audience, your style, image source and more before recommending a place on the blockchain to mint it.

Minting needs to be tailored to your NFT. Consider your first NFT taken care of as soon as we share our first handshake.

Mooning has years of experience and expertise on the blockchain. Finding the right platform, minting NFTs, setting up a crypto wallet… you could say it’s all become second nature for us.

It’s your choice!

If you’re looking to mint an NFT for the first time, you have two choices. Learn from all the same mistakes we did, or let us help you avoid them. For your first NFT, we’d recommend the latter. Mint an NFT with Mooning today for a smooth process… mint an NFT with Mooning for the ultimate success.