How to Sell Your NFT Art like a Boss

If you’re a crypto artist, then you know that selling your NFT art can be a complicated process. Selling your work at the price you’re asking for can be difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that will help you sell your art like a boss!

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

NFT is the newest fad, and it appears like everyone is either selling or purchasing it. Bitcoins are non-fungible tokens, which can be confusing, but the non-fungible portion of the word only means that it holds something unique that you cannot swap for another one of the same value. If you have one Bitcoin token in your wallet, it doesn’t matter which individual Bitcoin tokens you have because they all have the same value at any given point in time. A non-fungible token, on the other hand, can be a one-of-a-kind piece of information that you cannot readily swap or own more than one of.

In the Blockchain, these pieces of digital content are preserved forever and can be extended or amended without losing any information. To whom and when it was sold or transferred can be found out by anyone, along with the price paid.

If you’re a digital artist, you’re probably wondering if you can cash in. It’s not as simple as snapping pictures of your canvases and sharing them to make money from the increased demand for digital art, however, according to Aguilar. Having some knowledge of the evolving NFT industry, the blockchain technology your art is being sold on, and the types of art that NFT collectors value is beneficial.

Blockchain Wallet

The Ethereum network and smart contract technology are the most popular blockchain networks that allow you to deal with NFTs. As long as the network doesn’t shut down and disappear, anything you put on a given blockchain will be there in perpetuity. This is because blockchain technologies are incompatible with or connected to one another in any way.

Using the blockchain network requires a wallet that can identify you as a user (as anonymous addresses) and store funds for sending and receiving payments (ETH in our case). A wallet that supports Ethereum’s smart contract and NFT technology should be installed as the initial step. A Chrome extension that works with a wide range of websites is MetaMask, which is simple to set up and use.

Funding your wallet

Every time you add or alter content for a contract or item on the Blockchain, you must pay a gas fee. Paying the miners who will verify and propagate your changes over the Blockchain network is what this gas cost is truly utilized for. Unless you pay a fee, the miners will have no incentive to process your request, and it will remain in a crypto-limbo until it is rejected by the system. A real-time supply and demand market determines the price of gas.

Tips to Sell

You must be able to market yourself effectively.

If you’re trying to get into [selling NFTs], you need to understand that this is a new technique of making money from your creativity, just like how Etsy and Amazon altered the way we can make money from items we create.

Canvases have been used to sell and commission art for a long time. Digital art has just been around for the last half-century. In the past, the only option to sell crypto art was through a commission or a gallery show. To find a new way to earn money from your art, you’ve found the ideal site.

It’s simple and doesn’t necessitate the purchase of any materials. You don’t even have to leave your house to get started. You don’t need a lot of equipment or a large studio to carry out this project..

Be thorough in your market research and well-versed in the steps necessary to succeed as a marketer. If you want to be an artist, you need to be able to generate engaging work and sell yourself.

Know what kind of NFT buyers you’re dealing with

As far as collectors go, there are a few distinct buckets. Some people are drawn to the work of a specific artist. They intend to keep the work of art and will not part with it. They may have a digital display in their house. Other collectors are more like hoarders who want to own their most prized possessions.

Then there are those that are in it solely for the money. Until a new item is released, they list it on Nifty Gateway and then on a secondary market once it’s sold out. Those who come after the event may be collectors themselves. Some of them didn’t want to wait in line at all.

A new wave of currencies with utility utilization is being sought by some consumers. I was the creative force behind Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT initiative, which had a highly diverse fan following. His (the offeror’s) tokens enable access and are therefore useful. It’s an early-morning bat. In the event that you purchase it, you can return it, and he’ll join you for breakfast. People buy for their own convenience. In addition, there’s a lot of speculation about these tokens.

Blockchain-generated art sells better than other types.

Animated and 3D-rendered works of art are commonplace. Many computer-generated artworks are featured. Cryptopunks and autoglyphs are pricey because they’re generated using arithmetic.

You may think of Blockchain as both a canvas and a creator for your artwork. Using that short code sequence to figure out the color, variant, shape, or randomization of something is always intriguing because that’s what the encryption layer is for. For comparison’s sake, someone snapping a picture of their own living room watercolor is going to have the least value and get the least attention.


NFTs with ‘utility,’ such as those by well-known artists like Beeple and Damien Hirst, tend to sell the best. New NFT artists will find this particularly useful.

This means that you need to construct a collection that is more than just a digital asset; for example, can it be used to enter real-world events, a community chat room, or even to raise money for charity. Non-profit organizations that benefit society include World of Women and the Ukraine conflict NFTs, which are raising money for humanitarian organizations.

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