Discover what it’s like to Work in the Bustling World of Web3!

Jobs in tech have always been hot news, and the last decade or so has seen the industry grow like never before. What with developments in categories such as AI and consumer technology, it’s safe to say that tech companies aren’t going anywhere. And now there’s another experience on the block: web3 jobs.

Not only is web3 shooting up, but web3 jobs are also creating multiple new remote and office job openings for individuals involved in multiple streams. But before we deep dive into working in the bustling world of web3, let’s take a look at what this phenomenon actually is.

What is Web3?

Simply put, web3 is the internet reimagined – it aims to become a better, newer version of the internet that people have loved and known over the past four decades.

At the heart of web3 lie concepts such as blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs, but it’s really these guiding principles that set it apart:


Traditionally, the web that we’ve grown up using has been controlled and owned by select companies that are centralized and solely position themselves to be in power.

With web3, on the other hand, the remote internet community is introduced to a concept known as internet decentralization. Through this, the remote community is able to get the best experience on the web as its the creators and users themselves that hold ownership.

Censorship Resistance

Whether you’re in Europe, Seattle, San Diego, India, or just about anywhere else in the world, chances are that you’ve heard of – and been subject to – censorship. Whether it’s been through documentation on a website, through your emails, or the most common: social media, it’s easy to agree that censorship – regardless of its state – is troublesome.

Web3 brings the change by taking away censorship. The remote community no longer has to put their trust in a company or platform, instead, you can simply take your online presence with you and activate it on an interface of your choosing, all in a remote setting.

Umbrella Digital Identity

The normal procedure for creating accounts on the internet is to sign up for different platforms individually – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – you name it, it has it’s own remote user account.

Not only does that mean that you have to make edits to your account across the board individually, but you also get a ton of ‘subscribe now’ emails in your inbox.

With web3, your digital identity is safeguarded by an ENS profile and Ethereum address, giving you a single login that is anti-censorship, cyber-secure, and anonymous.

Native Payments

Gone are the days when payment processors and banks where the financial go-to. Not only are these modes outdated, but they’re also exclusionary towards those without bank accounts and to those living in locations that don’t enable these services.

Web3 embraces crypto for making and receiving payments, helping connect people whether they’re in York or Europe!

Now that you know a little about the exciting features that web3 has to offer, doesn’t it make having a career in web3 sound exciting? If that’s a yes, then you’re in luck! Web3 jobs are blowing up, and whether you’re interested in crypto companies, blockchain jobs or remote technology jobs, there are more categories than you could ever imagine – let’s take a look!

Web3 Careers

So, what do web3 jobs look like? And how does it feel to professionally thrive in the bustling world of web3? Well, if one thing hasn’t become clear, it’s that web3 jobs – much like web3 itself – are diverse and without exclusionary boundaries.

So, while you’ll definitely find a plethora of tech jobs to keep you immersed, the web3 world is welcoming to those from all streams, and there are multiple new remote and office jobs popping up on the regular.

Here’s what a job in web3 could look like:

Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain is a huge part of web3, and enthusiasts will easily find a range of companies offering everything from full time jobs to remote jobs. And the best part is that jobs in blockchain are pretty easy to navigate when it comes to borders and locations – so whether you’re in York, Asia, or Africa, there’s bound to be a team that you can find and join! Or you can just opt for a remote job in web3!

Some of the most popular jobs in blockchain include developers, solution architects, project managers, UX design job roles, legal consultants, quality engineers, and the list just goes on and on!

And of course, along with new jobs all blockchain companies will need the list of standard non tech job openings; we’re looking at marketing personnel, a HR team, finance jobs, and many more – and they’ll be hiring for every position from a director to an entry-level job role.

Crypto Companies Job

Contrary to popular belief, a job in crypto does not mean making a living out of crypto investments! While the crypto investment community is steadily growing, there are companies out there offering full time jobs in crypto.

In fact, in the web3 jobs market, crypto jobs are one of the easiest to find – there are just so many! Job roles range from crypto writers to growth and operations analysts to crypto developers – the community really is diverse.

And the best way to keep an eye out for relevant jobs is to subscribe to crypto companies’ sites and checkup on your inbox and post. You never know when that fateful job email might come through!

Legal Sector

Just like any other company, web3 companies also require legal assistance. Think about it, web3 is new terrain, and since it deals with the internet – probably one of the most volatile elements out there – legality is a major issue.

Despite growing interest in the field, web3 is still surrounded by a lot of uncertainty, and add to that the fact that it swings between either being not regulated at all or being heavily regulated, there’s considerable feeling space in the industry.

Enter legal consultants that will act to care of all these concerns including privacy regulations, international law, and intellectual property. Whether you’re in for a full time job or a remote post is more your groove, be sure to keep the job alert on for a remote or office legal job in web3!

HR Jobs

We’ve talked about all the fantastic new jobs that you can find in web3, but who’s going to be hiring all these people? HR, of course! (Trust me, we’re not at the point where talented individuals subscribe to our job list just yet! But we’ll get there).

In the meantime, we’ve got HR, which honestly will do much better than any job subscribe list! Whether you’re looking for crypto personnel or website designers, HR team members will have your company covered. So, if you’re someone who’s all about people then looking into HR job opportunities in web3 jobs could be your next big break!

Business Development

Web3 is here to make some noise, and that means that multiple new-use cases are popping up everyday. Web3 companies need experts to manage these multiple emerging streams, and for that they’ll need business development strategists, people who have experience taking companies from the grassroots to the top!

These experts will be looking at company models, new markets, and revenue streams that a web3 company can leverage to their benefit.

Finance Job Openings

Finance jobs are always hot, and since web3 is all about disrupting industries – including how we think about money – these companies are going to need to have a solid understanding of finance and finance models.

It’s only the best in the finance post that are going to be able to help web3 companies connect with the finance world and make sense of things like STOs, funding, and token listings.

So if you’re in finance than a web3 job might be in the books – whether that’s full time, remote, or another job post arrangement.

Sales and Marketing

Web3 isn’t just here to show off, it’s here to grow. And for any industry to grow, it’s going to need a solid sales and marketing department. Web3 jobs in marketing and sales will involve finding a product-market fit, deep-diving into consumer research, and coming up with innovative ways to market and sell web3 products – whether that’s in crypto or blockchain.

If you’re someone who loves all this and has spent their days sending questionnaires via email, getting users to subscribe to product trials, or gathering email IDs for mass testing, then put out the job alert, because you might’ve just found yourself a new job!

Is a Job in Web3 really Better? And are Blockchain Jobs Worth it?

So, you’re now well versed in the many facets that web3 jobs can lead to, but why should you pick this job industry over any other? Why not opt for a full time HR role in food and beverage? Or why not take on a remote finance role in media? Well, while those are all fantastic career paths to venture down, web3 does have its perks and benefits. Let me educate you.

A job in web3 is unlike any other. Before we look at why web3 jobs are worth the hype and skill level requirement, it’s important to understand who exactly are the people offering these jobs.

While web3 is spread out, the biggest employers of web3 jobs tend to be startups, big tech companies, consulting companies, the finance industry, and blockchain development companies.

While very diverse in their nature, what these companies all hold in common is that they truly value their employees, just simply because they’re cognizant of the immense value that their employees bring to them. Because of these reasons, web3 jobs often offer all or a couple of the following benefits:

Flexible Working Hours

A lot of the work involved in web3 jobs is done online, so it’s pretty easy to do it around the clock according to your own schedule. As long as you get the work done, most web3 jobs won’t bother you about sticking to a fixed time slot. And that just makes it easier to find a better work-life connect.

Remote Work

Similar to the point above, a web3 job will hardly keep coming to the office a requirement. Remote arrangements are a given in most tech companies, and jobs in web3 are no different.

And since web3 jobs are usually filled by individuals with a high skill level, time management isn’t an issue and micromanagement isn’t needed. So if you want, it’s remote work all the way.

Education and Tech Budget

One of the best things that a job can possibly offer is investment in its employees. Web3 runs on perfection and expertise, which means that companies look to fill job openings with only the very best talent out there.

If they see an employee worth investing in, then they won’t think twice about giving the get go. And web3 are strong believers in learning and improvement which is why most companies have a separate education and tech budget for their employees.

Salaries that go Above and Beyond

While careers in tech are already well paid, web3 jobs are almost known for their high salaries. The high range for web3 jobs often reaches amounts of $500,000 to $750,000, but why are salaries so high?

Many experts seem to think that it’s a combination of the hype surrounding blockchain, the limited number of web3 developers, and a culture of using headhunters to help fill these jobs.

In any case, it’s clear that individuals taking on web3 jobs are at a sizeable advantage – and nothing quite makes a job as attractive as a fat pay check!

It’s all of these things, and of course the fast-paced learning environment that is home to most web3 jobs, that make these opportunities truly stand out.

How to Nail a Web3 Job Alert

So, you’ve deep-dived into the world of web3 and you’re finally ready to connect with the job market. Well, how do you make sure your web3 job search goes smoothly and you’re able to connect with the role of your dreams?

It might sound standard, but the key is to stay motivated and consistently put in work. Leverage your email to the max, signing up to job boards offering both remote and full time roles and sending emails to hiring teams of your interested companies as a means to connect.

And soon, you’ll know for yourself exactly what it’s like to work in the bustling world of web3!