For the Decentralized Future: Web3 Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

It’s impossible to deny these days, we’re moving into an age of automation and extreme technological advancement. Never before has humanity seen a world so full of technology’s including the metaverse, blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, and crypto. All of these make up the world of Web3, the newest generation internet.

Yes, the web is changing, and when something that plays such an integral part of our society decides it’s time to transform, we need to seek ways to transform with it or be left empty handed. Many traditional jobs are either being automated, simplified or made redundant as companies seek ways to leverage technology for increased productivity and lower cost of operation.

Welcome to the new age of blockchain jobs

Trying to navigate this world when looking for jobs is increasingly intimidating. We can be left feeling underqualified in a world of Web3 jobs that seems to now value technological skillsets over those considered more traditional. It raises questions… what Web3 jobs will there be in the future? How do I get one of these Web3 jobs? Will I enjoy these jobs of the future? Am I going to be paid in crypto?…

Well, we don’t subscribe to the ‘I can’t do it’ mentality so we’re here to help you get your head around what the jobs of the future might look like. We’re going to run you through a crash course in Web3 jobs that provide new ways to earn your salaries. The list of jobs we’ve chosen are some of the most essential and common Web3 jobs out there to give you the best understanding of what to expect to see on job sites in the not-too-distant future.

Job opportunities in Web3

Ther are a range of Web3 jobs out there for the picking. Below is a list of the most common and essential Web3 jobs available.

DevOps engineer for blockchain technology

First on our Web3 jobs board is DevOps engineer. If you love to see things run securely and reliably, perhaps you’ll be interested in becoming a DevOps engineer. These guys know how to improve production speed through automation. They also understand the importance of ensuring minimal errors and therefore downtime of systems.

So, they build applications that allow users to fix their own problems rather than seeking help from Web3 companies. They are the problem solvers of the Web3 space, always seeking effective solutions to large and small problems through the use of technology.

In Web3 a DevOps engineer works to support customers and internal-facing services via blockchain technology, while seeking ways to automate as much as possible. They work in teams to level up the performance and products of large and small companies through technology. This job requires turning a critical eye on existing systems and developing new ways of doing things so that customers have the best experience possible.

These guys are good at:

  • Debugging issues and solving problems across infrastructure.
  • Identifying ways to improve current security applications and finding areas of risk within those already existing.
  • Reducing the risk of human error by recognizing opportunities for automation to increase uptime, scaling, and self-healing.
  • Maintaining, developing and securing distributed systems.

Product manager

Product managers lead, deliver, and take ownership of product roadmaps. They start from ground zero and take products all the way through to final stage development. They work closely with CEO’s on setting a vision, building expectations and refining the processes for discovery and delivery of products.

Product managers need to be unafraid of responsibility and a sense of real ownership for their work. When things go wrong, it’s usually on them. They can work with small start-ups to large established companies. Their job isn’t done until the product has been deployed.

These guys are good at:

  • Owning a product roadmap and leading implementation.
  • Creating and communicating technical requirements and product stories.
  • Measuring success of product implementations by establishing metrics.
  • Identifying ways to advance new markets and product adoption.
  • Running user research and building a deeper understanding of a customer base.

Crypto data scientist… one of those blockchain jobs

With crypto currencies and blockchain technology comes data… and lots of it. Someone needs to be able to interpret it and make use of it. Crypto companies hire data scientists who are able to understand the data of crypto to feed back in more laymen terms. They enable companies to identify areas of concern or success and help recognise opportunities when they arise.

These guys are good at:

  • Developing quantitative strategies.
  • Automating visualized crypto metrics (data that looks good).
  • Assisting with crypto portfolio reconciliation.
  • Supporting the development of infrastructure surrounding data usage and storage.
  • Applying scenario analysis, simulation and back testing.
  • Documentation of crypto data trends.

Technical recruiter

A technical recruiter seeks technically competent job candidates for companies. They are the ones who actually fill job opportunities in Web3 and so you will likely interact with one if you go for Web3 jobs. On behalf of companies, they don’t only identify and hire. They also build the skills of current technical staff, ensuring they have the skill sets to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Technical recruiters work with human resources and managers to make sure they don’t set unreasonable expectations of technical skills and know-how from candidates. They may be filling a range of Web3 jobs such as crypto and blockchain jobs and so require technical knowledge as well as soft skills. Who they recruit could mean companies are in position to achieve success or failure.

These guys are good at:

  • Using office management software packages.
  • Understanding government and company employment policies.
  • Establishing effective recruitment methods.
  • Committing to grow their technical knowledge in their field of recruitment.
  • Being able to confidently head hunt suitable candidates for roles.

Operations manager

Operations managers typically manage a team or multiple team’s company wide. They ensure efficiency and productivity by making sure work processes are optimized. In the Web3 world they are tasked with ensuring operational procedures and companies’ general operations are constantly improved and developed to enable optimum staff morale and productivity.

They are also tasked with improving safety, health, and employment policy within companies. Web3 companies are big on these guys as they strive to be creating supportive and consistent environments for employees in an industry that sees regular change. To stand out you’ll need to subscribe to an attitude of positivity and passion for people.

These guys are good at:

  • Leading large teams confidently.
  • Making tough decisions.
  • Connecting with others.
  • Understanding an arsenal of technological topics.

IT security and compliance manager

One of the most important of all Web3 jobs is that of IT security and compliance managers. Crypto companies especially want as many of these guys on board as they can afford as one of the biggest selling points of blockchain technology is its safety and security. Crypto companies will fork out massive salaries for these jobs, but they do generally require a high level of experience in a similar role due to their importance for companies and their customers.

Essentially, they maintain the safety of networks and computer systems. They also ensure that government and industry policies are complied to surrounding the usage of data, internet, and most importantly customer information.

They also ensure staff are across all security procedures while they manage and develop new and existing security applications. Of all the blockchain jobs, this is one of the most important.

These guys are good at:

  • Staying up to date with cybersecurity trends.
  • Commanding knowledge of security practices.
  • Understanding the security risks of blockchain technology and its applications.
  • Documentation of security threats.

Community management specialist

Another of the most essential Web3 jobs is that of community management specialists. The work of these guys is related to connecting with audiences and building followership. They hype interest in Web3 companies’ products and applications. Not surprisingly, it’s a role of frequent change as they work in a team to follow everchanging trends of the human race. The role requires working on social media platforms and other digital applications to build a following and get people to hit that subscribe button.

Enticing one-time customers isn’t the focus of this role. The role requires a focus on building an online community of diehard fans who keep coming back for more.

These guys are good at:

  • Organizing impactful events
  • Promoting brand awareness
  • Engaging positively with followers
  • Utilizing analytics tools to monitor social media platforms
  • Managing blogs, online forums and social media

Without the role of community management specialists, crypto wouldn’t have come as far as it has today. The growth of the web owes it to these guys for the way they have been able to bring awareness to new technology without scaring off the masses over the past two decades.

Content creator

Without a content creator your website or social media is going to look pretty absent of anything interesting. You’re also not going to have many people hit that subscribe button. These guys are all about coming up with a good idea, an idea that will transform into infographics, text, audio or video creations for marketing. They are one of the most essential Web3 jobs in developing the metaverse and its applications to look, feel and sound good, while also marketing them effectively to a target market through consumable content.

Typically, these roles require the use of digital media to engage with customers in a range of different locations. This role is closely related to that of the community management specialist and these two roles will typically find themselves part of the same team. Though, they might not always agree and are known to butt heads.

These guys are good at:

  • Understanding consumer categories for targeted marketing.
  • Using digital applications to write social media posts or create video content.
  • Creating website content that resonates with target markets.
  • Knowing entertaining and engaging ways to present information.
  • Using web content to leverage a website for effective promotion of products and services.

The salaries of content creators can vary significantly depending on whether you’re full time or freelancing it. Some freelancers can earn higher salaries than those who have signed full time contracts with Web3 companies, especially if they have their own flare.

Customer support officer

The final listing on our Web3 jobs board is customer support officer. Customer support officers provide help and support to customers as they navigate products or applications. In an industry of change not only for companies but also for consumers, roles such as this are vital.

Their field of expertise is ensuring customer satisfaction with products such as the metaverse, NFTs, or crypto. To ensure this is achieved, people in these roles are well versed in responding to complaints, taking orders, and assisting customers with understanding how to use products and services.

These guys are good at:

  • Using writing and speaking to communicate effectively.
  • Working under pressure.
  • Utilising great interpersonal and soft skills.
  • Familiarising themselves with data analytics tools.
  • Dealing with customer complaints… your email inbox could be full of them.

There are job opportunities in Web3

Well, there’s a small snippet of some of the most common and essential Web3 jobs out there. You might have thought you’d never find something in Web3 that would be down your alley, but many are surprised to realise that it’s not all developers and engineers.

Sure, the more technical jobs do exist but if you have experience related to customer service, recruiting, product management or even content creation, there are Web3 jobs out there for you. You might work for a small start-up company or dream of working for a big company such as Meta developing their metaverse.

Take the perks

One of the perks that applies to most Web3 jobs is the ability to work in different locations. It’s funny that, how companies developing a metaverse to increase international connectedness are supportive of remote working. Another perk is that it’s generally a buyers’ market. Web3 is developing so fast that companies are desperate for new staff in the above categories.

You could be looking for up-front full-time contracts or to be paid in crypto, and why the hell not? Whatever it is you want in your new dream job, don’t be afraid to ask. They need you. Subscribe to a job board and send off those applications. Hopefully it won’t take long before you find a response to one of your applications in your email inbox. Make space Web3 world!