NFT Art Finance Tokens: Everything you need to know

In the world of NFTs, Ethereum is pretty much the king. Not only is it the most popular blockchain for them – the ETH cryptocurrency is also the biggest player in the market too.

But that doesn’t make it the only option for brands and artists to mint and sell their collections. Because if it was that’d make it a monopoly, and as anyone knows, monopoly always ends in tears and at least one person’s gone directly to jail.

There are indeed other blockchains and cryptocurrencies that are functioning within the NFT market, and it seems as if more are entering the fold all the time. One such platform/crypto combination is NFT Art Finance.

What is NFT Art Finance?

Using Binance’s Smart Chain blockchain technology, the NFT Art FInance coin is a cryptocurrency that’s used within its own ecosystem of marketplaces known as Enter.

This decentralised network enables the minting, listing and selling of visual art, music/audio, and games, connecting creators and investors around the world.

Although NFT Art Finance coin hasn’t been around for less than a year, launching at just USD$0.0000000010 on 22 April 2021, its insanely high 10 quadrillion token supply in conjunction with the looming marketplace launch has grown its total market cap to USD$8.3 million collectively.

How it all works

Enter enables artists and brands to mint, list and sell their NFT collections without having to pay much in fees. Provided you’re happy to buy NFT Art Finance coins and use Binance Smart Chain, you’ll see quite a few benefits when you utilise Enter’s ecosystem:

  • It’s deflationary: NFTART includes with it a 10% transaction tax, through which 5% is burnt and the other 5% actually goes back to the holders of NFTART crypto.
  • Provides passive income: Due to the 5% redistribution as part of every transaction mentioned above, the longer you hold onto it the more you’ll make in passive income.
  • Minimal transaction fees: The super-low transaction fees offered by Binance Smart Chain means it costs very little to create and sell your NFT collections.
  • Fully audited: TechRate conducted a full code audit of its smart contract and gave it two thumbs up.
  • Enter-wide usability: As the Enter ecosystem grows, you’ll be able to use NFT Art Finance coins across all of the marketplaces and platforms with absolute ease.
  • There’s no one true owner: The code can’t be changed by anyone because on day one, contract ownership was renounced.

How to buy NFT Art Finance tokens

How to buy NFT Art Finance tokens

If you’re wondering how to buy NFT Art Finance coins, it’s important to note that perhaps it’s just slightly more complicated than buying, say, Ethereum. This is simply because you’re currently unable to exchange fiat currency (e.g. AUD, USD) with NFTART directly. 

Here are the steps involved to help make the whole process as easy as possible for you, though.

  • Create an account on Binance

The first step for you to take is to create a new account on Binance. It’s all very straightforward – just head to the site and follow the prompts to make your profile. This may or may not include verifying your account with a driver’s licence or something similar, depending on where you live.

  • Download Trust Wallet

Before you start buying cryptocurrency, you need to have a crypto wallet to store it in. Trust Wallet is a great option as it was created by Binance and costs nothing. Additionally, it supports a wide variety of different cryptos as well as NFTs, which means you won’t have to get another wallet down the track when it’s time to buy and sell NFTs.

Head to the Apple Store or Google Play and download it to your smartphone, then go through the sign-up process to get yourself set up.

  • Buy Binance Coin (BNB)

Now it’s time to buy yourself some Binance crypto. It trades substantially higher than NFT Art Finance coin, so do some calculations to determine exactly how much you’ll need when converting it to NFTART.

  • Connect your Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap

Although you can now use a bunch of different exchanges to buy NFTART (FEGex, HotBit, DigiFinex, etc.), Pancakeswap is incredibly easy to use and is the one we recommend using.

In the Trust Wallet app, head to the DApps tab, search for Pancakeswap and tap on it.

  • Swap BNB for NFT Art Finance coin (NFTART)

Now that everything’s been set up and you have BNB in your Trust Wallet that’s connected with Pancakeswap, you’re ready to exchange your BNB for NFTART! 

Use the search function and enter ‘NFTART’ and you’re cooking with gas.

What you can do with your NFT Art Finance coins

What you can do with NFT Art Finance Coins

Now that you have your own NFTART tokens, what can you actually do with them?

Well, as stated earlier you can hold onto them for a while to see some passive income being generated from the 5% redistribution with every transaction. 

You can also head to the Enter marketplaces and mint, sell and trade audio or visual art NFTs.

If you want, you’re able to exchange the coins you hold – it’s just a matter of reversing the step-by-step guide above! And while looking at the current NFT Art Finance chart may make you consider doing so, as we all know crypto can be a highly volatile market. So it might be worth talking with the crypto experts before making any decisions.

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