The 7 best NFT visualizers in the market right now

Maybe you’ve seen the crazy-high prices some of them are being sold for. You might be an artist who’s got a keen interest in the latest tech. Or perhaps you can see the incredible potential this new trend has for your brand.

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to enter the world of Web3 and want to mint and sell your own NFTs. And of course, you’ll need a top marketing strategy to accompany it to give it the best chance of mooning. 

A strategy that should probably include things like PR, social media and content marketing, a standalone microsite, SEO/SEM and possibly even influencer marketing. 

A strategy that should absolutely include using a top NFT visualizer.

What is an NFT visualizer?

What is an NFT visualizer?

When an artist wants to display their works to be sold in the real world, they have a show at a gallery. In order to display artwork in the virtual world, artists and collectors alike use NFT visualizers. The best and most immersive method to showcase their collections, these visualizers come in two different formats.

Virtual galleries

An NFT virtual gallery is essentially the same as a real-world gallery; users can log into the metaverse where the gallery exists and use their avatars to view collections and purchase NFTs directly. 

In addition to the metaverse, many pre-existing virtual galleries (that often use VR and AR technology) are now accepting NFTs to allow collectors to display their art.

Interactive displays

While NFTs are digital assets, this doesn’t mean artists can’t offer a physical product to their buyers. Interactive displays are real-world displays showing NFTs, with perhaps the most famous being artist Beeple’s Human One – a physical sculpture displaying a dynamically-changing work of art (which sold for USD$29 million in late 2021).

Why do I need to use an NFT visualizer for my collection? 

If you’re an artist or have a brand and would like to incorporate NFTs into your marketing mix, you need a way to show prospective buyers each of the pieces you want to sell. The best NFT visualizers enable you to do exactly that.

For collectors, instead of your NFTs just sitting in your crypto wallet gathering virtual dust you’re able to showcase all of your awesome digital assets so people can check them out.

7 top NFT visualizers

Now we’re all on the same page and understand how important it is to use them, it’s time to break down the best NFT visualizers that are currently available.

The highly secure Gallery is beautifully simple in its appearance and is unbelievably easy to use, specifically for viewing users’ NFT collections and as a tool for ownership verification. In order to have an account, users need to purchase membership cards which are themselves NFTs and sold on the OpenSea marketplace.

Gallery currently only supports Ethereum, however is looking to expand to many other blockchains including Solana, Polygon and Tezos in the near future.


Spatial is a company that helps artists and collectors build a space of their own in the metaverse, where they can create a virtual gallery to help sell or show their various works. 

Users can opt for a free plan which enables hosting of exhibitions as well as live events and meetups. There’s also a Pro plan which is USD$25 a month which unlocks features that allow for more controlled/curated experiences.


Another brilliantly simple website, in two quick and easy steps on you’ll have a unique URL you can share that links to your NFT collection. All you need to do is create an account and connect your crypto wallet, then you’re good to go! currently supports Ethereum as well as Solana and Polygon blockchains.



Another free NFT visualizer is Mynt (just link your social profiles and a Metamask wallet), which offers both collectors and artists a way to display their NFTs as either standalone assets or as a collection. 

People browsing on Mynt have the option of either using the native website’s interface or opening the asset through OpenSea, which is very handy for artists interested in making sales.



Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the CryptoVoxels metaverse allows artists and collections to build their own galleries to show their art. 

While a ‘Space’ is free, the ideal approach for artists who have a large following is to purchase a parcel of land and engage with professionals to design the gallery. This enables real-time interaction with your fans and means your gallery will be a part of the CryptoVoxels world.


Unstoppable Domains NFT Art Gallery

Instead of a random alphanumeric crypto address, you can now use the Unstoppable Domains service to simplify things to a URL which uses particular suffixes like .nft or .crypto. And not too long ago, Unstoppable Domains released their NFT Art Gallery feature.

So now, all you need to do is buy a domain from them and you’re all set to share your unique URL with the world that points to your NFT collection!


When you have places like Sotheby’s auction house opening up galleries somewhere, you know that place is legit. 

The Decentraland metaverse also plays host to MakersPlace and KnownOrigin galleries, and as one of the biggest metaverse worlds currently is an ideal place for collectors and artists to build their own.

All a bit too confusing? Chat with the NFT marketing experts

Designing, minting, listing, marketing, and now visualizers? If all of this is getting a little too convoluted for your liking, put it in the hands of a team with the experience to take care of everything for you instead.

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