How NFTs are changing the way we think about marketing strategies

Look out the car window, turn on your radio, flick on the tv, scroll through social media… marketing, marketing, marketing. It’s everywhere and, for a lot of companies, it’s everything. Driving most business growth is some range of content marketing strategies to boost website traffic and ultimately, the dollar figure.

Marketers have had a long history of trial and error in order to refine their online marketing strategies utilising organic search optimization, optimized blog posts, search and banner advertising, online directories, media outlets and more. If you’re a marketer yourself, you’ll know how to increase brand visibility and build online community, all with the click of a mouse. You’ll know what can attract buyers and what can end up turning people away. That is maybe… until now.

Here comes the NFT

Suddenly, in comes the NFT marketplace taking most marketing agencies by surprise. Now faced with new software, new online channels and a new audience, marketing companies have had to scramble to keep up. Some have decided that when it comes to NFTs and the NFT marketplace, it’s safer to bury their head in the sand. If that’s you or your company, please pull your head up and out of said sand. We’re here to help.

Publicity in the digital age

In case it’s not your area of expertise, digital marketing involves diverse tactics utilizing different online channels and apps. It requires knowing how to create quality content, utilize search engines, and get the most out of social media in order to build relevant organic traffic. Creating content for YouTube channels or social media platforms among utilising other strategies has become the norm in the marketing world and many individuals and companies have become very, very good at it.

But what about SEO for NFTs? What about marketing these digital assets on NFT marketplaces? What about connecting with the NFT community? What about reaching out to crypto and general media outlets to promote NFTs? This new digital age is a whole new world for marketers but one rife with opportunity.

Tell me the meaning of NFT?

In case you’re not already aware, a non-fungible token or NFT is a unique digital token that is exchangeable via the blockchain. These are sometimes called ‘non crypto currencies’ and form part of people’s ‘crypto collections’. They’re digital assets typically obtained through cryptocurrency or blockchains.

Non-fungible means these are extremely unique. There is no NFT the same as another, unlike physical money or crypto currencies. They are bought, traded, sold and collected in the new digital age. There is no small amount of money in them either with some being sold or traded for millions of dollars. They’re also very effective marketing tools for companies to utilise in building their brand visibility.

So, marketers are turning their attention to learning how to increase brand visibility utilising these digital assets, while also marketing for NFT projects to boost their NFT sale and trading volumes. Some of the strategies can be new and unique while others are tried and tested with NFTs just being another product. Read on for an outline of some of the most effective marketing strategies to be utilised for NFTs.

What is search engine optimization for NFTs (NFT SEO)?

SEO is the practice of improving a page ranking by creating quality content geared toward searches. Search engine optimization enables the optimization of an NFT website for increased search engine ad effectiveness. Using search engines optimization for non-fungible tokens can increase traffic to an NFT website and then further on to the NFT marketplace where NFTs can be purchased.

It can take a few weeks for a site to move up the ranks on Google but eventually NFT SEO can be even more lucrative than social media marketing. However, it can be a battle for a new NFT marketer to out-rank large well-established websites so you might want to consider hiring a skilled web developer who knows SEO as well as NFT like the back of their hand.

Why do you need SEO to promote your NFTs?

SEO can be used to build longer lasting online visibility and so more consistent traffic to an NFT project online. Thus, having a good NFT SEO strategy is important. NFTs have generally received media promotion from influencer marketing services such as Twitter and Discord. Influencers often create publicity for their projects that die out within weeks of public launch because they typically move from product to product rather than sticking around.

The artificial publicity attracts many flippers, individuals who might purchase once but never return. Search engine optimization is a way to get customers in real time back to an NFT site again and again. It will help in increasing consistent demand and brand visibility. If an NFT website rank is high and in the top search engine results pages, then whenever someone does a google search for an NFT product the search results will keep them coming back.

SEO strategies for NFT websites

Effective SEO for NFTs starts with quality writing. Hiring a good marketing team with a good copywriter is integral. Search engines scour the internet for a blog post with article titles or paragraph content that best matches the google search that has occurred. Even boring old research articles can be assessed for how well they match a search.

There’s a lot of competition so strategies like conducting keyword research and then writing articles and other high-quality content that contain keywords is the best strategy in driving NFT sites to the top of the search engine leader board.

Other strategies for effective marketing of NFTs

Building a strong marketing strategy requires multiple ways of building NFT website visibility and therefore increasing website visitors. Don’t rely solely on an NFT SEO strategy. A search engine results page alone isn’t going to cut it in promoting a new digital asset, especially in the NFT space. Read on for a list of other effective ways to market NFTs other than NFT SEO.

Work with Influencers

Despite what we said before, NFT projects must receive the help of influential people and influencers. Even with primarily short-term results, you will see the usefulness of working closely with influencers in promoting your project and building brand visibility. Ideally the audience needs to find you in multiple areas such as media outlets, websites and social media combined. If you already have users following your project on various platforms, you could invite influencers to speak about your project which could increase customer confidence in the project.

Influencer marketing helps increase awareness of the company’s mission by gaining a larger number of passionate customers. As we said, the effect of influencers can be short lived, so ensuring there is a solid NFT SEO strategy in place behind the scenes so that customers can easily find you again is important for ongoing growth of an NFT project.

Ask Influencers to link back to your NFT website

The good news is, if you’re smart with how you engage influencers then they can help you do much more beyond briefly promoting your idea. Ensure that in their advertising they add links to your website when they post your project on social media. The higher traffic sends signals to search engines that you are where customer interest is being directed. This will influence search engines to rank websites higher just like the effect of using key words. Use long term influencer marketing techniques to develop measurable results, not just short-lived exposure tactics.

More marketing on social networks

The best method of promoting NFT products on social media is by ensuring you create content that gains the immediate attention of a target audience. Getting people to explore further is easier when you share useful bite-sized information on your NFT products.

However, identifying an effective social media platform to market an NFT is an important first step. Facebook and Instagram might not be the best approach. Perhaps something like Discord or Reddit, those more behind the scenes community focused channels would be more effective in bringing in more traffic when trying to market NFT projects?

Increase your visibility in other search engines

Buyers looking for NFT-related products may not browse through Google. They may even use search engines that are run on blockchain technology when searching for blockchain assets to buy. NFT hunters might use a range of search engines to browse NFTs related to certain topics when trying to find the ‘right’ one.

Marketing teams should ensure they apply their SEO services and any SEO strategy such as keyword research to these other search engines. This should be done to make sure the SEO for an NFT project isn’t niched. Because there can be many search engines to consider in digital marketing, it is important to consider using a professional NFT website search engine optimization company for SEO to help increase your NFT website rankings.

Leverage The Power Of PR

It’s not all PR that’s bad PR. The more you get attention from media the more a brand can be a success. You need to consider moving forward with several media publications in different formats, including interviews, press releases, and articles. You can opt for these to be organically picked up by media companies or work closely with cryptocurrency and general media to promote your NFT project, depending on your NFT project requirements. This is no guarantee of immediate outcomes. Use PR to create a good reputation and gain a broader community across platforms. You’ll attract more bids and improve sales over time if you use PR effectively.

List your NFT project in different markets

If you want a better chance of getting sales from a website, you need to list your products in multiple marketplaces. Select the platforms that meet your project’s requirements and incorporate quality internal links and quality backlinks for all of them into the user interface of your website.

You should be developing strategies for marketing that consider diversifying marketplaces in such ways. The largest marketplaces for NFT projects are the Myth Market, Atomic Market, OpenSpace, RARIBLE, and Enjin. Start with these or find the most appropriate markets to suit your project and diversify.

Leverage the power of bloggers to earn high-authority links

Digital asset owners themselves can begin their writing career guest posting on NFT websites to increase awareness of their blockchain asset. It’s also possible to engage with an outreach expert who finds blogs that talk the NFT talk and walk the NFT walk.

However, since the space is fairly new, there aren’t many bloggers out there with the specific knowledge so project leaders may find themselves sitting in front of the keyboard to write. You gotta do what you gotta do.

However, there’s also a variety of web sites actively displaying new and emerging NFTs who will write posts for you (typically paid). When these blogs link to your website, Google considers them positive signals and enhances your rankings. It’s a good way to build your SEO strategy. Get guest posting on well-known and popular websites, it will increase visibility and credibility.

Use Email Marketing to Your Advantage

Email marketing provides a way for potential consumers to be communicated with directly and for them to reach out. Email marketing also allows you to keep your customers up to date on the latest news of your NFT project. There are numerous software options to start effective email marketing campaigns. Fine one, build your email list, and send an e-mail detailing the NFT project, key dates, key milestones etc. A good email can be effective in convincing a customer on a more personal level into buying NFT products from your project.

Get traffic from your Discord community

Once you identify social networks that are more targeted in attracting people to your project, use them to build communities. To increase your NFT performance you must consider how to build an NFT community and share useful information on your collection. Give valuable and interesting insights to your community and focus your attention on attracting and retaining investors on sites like Discord.

By developing an NFT community, you are increasing your visibility and traffic on a more consistent basis. Remember, in the process of constructing a successful NFT community, a strong foundation of trust must be established with your target audience.

Creating and Promoting Videos

Often the public doesn’t feel particularly motivated to read up about the NFT and virtual world. Therefore, using instructional films and videos that catch their eye can be a better introduction to your NFT. If well filmed, they could go viral and generate thousands of NFT supporters who may not have even thought about engaging with the technology beforehand. A video agency who has good creative capabilities can be a good option for advertising an NFT business through such films.

Optimise your site for speed to improve NFT SEO

Improved website speed can increase search engine rankings. There are a number of options to improve site speed, such as decreasing HTTPS request frequency compression or enabling cache. Minimalizing plugins also increases site speed. Decreased load times and a quick to type website domain are some of the best ways to get more people to the pages of non-fungible tokens websites quickly. If all of this sounds like gibberish, hire an expert. It’s funny, the key to effective digital marketing isn’t always complicated… just make go vroom fast.

Management of online reputation (ORM)

When it comes to content marketing, there are a range of effective strategies that have been tested over time. We’re not suggesting you reinvent the wheel when it comes to content marketing, but we are suggesting that you think creatively about how current strategies need to be altered or developed further for an effective strategy.

We’re also suggesting you don’t rely solely on an NFT SEO strategy or solely engage an SEO agency. Yes, the SEO agency might be an important part of the puzzle but integrating NFTs into digital marketing through a range of channels is going to produce the best outcome.

Well, good luck pushing boundaries, trying new things and growing the world of marketing in these exciting times. Remember – think creatively, don’t be afraid to fail, and build off what you already know!