NFTs for social good: How NFTs can help charity

One of the most popular digital art forms is NFTs, which are being sold for huge prices in the cryptocurrency market these days. NFT artwork has been a hot topic among celebrities, digital artists, and creatives of all kinds over the past year or so. You may be a little unsure of what NFT stands for, so I’ll explain it to you in a nutshell.

Digital artifacts such as music, paintings, drawings, in-game items, and movies are represented by non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Cryptocurrency is commonly used to purchase digital assets, which use software similar to that found in cryptocurrencies.

Buyers can verify that the NFT they purchase is legitimate by using the embedded authentication included with each one. If you don’t have a way to authenticate your ownership of the material, other people can still view and download it. As an alternative explanation, consider NFTs as a form of digital trading card.

NFTs are increasingly being auctioned off and sold for charitable purposes, with the proceeds going to support a variety of environmental and social issues. NFT auctions have already shown to be a boon to many charitable groups, allowing them to generate funds transparently while also enhancing their brand awareness.

There are a variety of ways that people and organizations are using NFTs in the community to give back. Here are a few of the projects and organizations that are involved in this good work.

The Giving Block

o target those interested in charitable causes, The Giving Block is a cryptocurrency fundraising platform that accepts Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies and connects them with nonprofits and charities.

As a general rule, the earnings from the sale of an NFT are donated to a crypto-friendly charity by its developers. The Giving Block platform has received almost $2 million in crypto from NFT-related projects in the last six months.


Sheqonomi is a listening app that uses NFTs as an incentive system to assist children in need, particularly young women in underdeveloped nations. As a reward for supplying the platform with their data, users can receive tokens to listen, learn, and share their knowledge. It is possible to store the tokens in a digital wallet or to use them to purchase NFT art.

NFTs for Mental Health

Many artists have been working on NFTs to help with everything from stress and anxiety to depression and addiction. This group of artists is creating a healing environment for themselves and others by fusing non-traditional forms of expression with serious social challenges, such as mental health.

Many creative platforms donate a portion of their purchases to children and mental health charities, such as KumoxWorld (@kumoxworld). One of the most prominent social media accounts in the world, @JungleBayAC, has partnered with them to host a special giveaway event to raise awareness about mental health.

Beeple and the Open Earth Foundation

Beeple sold his “OCEANFRONT” for $6 million, which he donated to the Open Earth Foundation. Climate change is being tackled by this nonprofit foundation through the use of new technology and collaboration.

Blazed Cats

These customizable cat NFTs contribute money to charity with each sale. To date, more than $300,000 has been donated to Mental Health America via the sale of Blazed Cats. Mental Health America can also collect recurring money from each secondary sale of these NFTs.

Women Rise NFT Collection

More than 10,000 unique pieces of art depicting women worldwide are part of the Women Rise NFT collection. The project honors women throughout the world who are making the world a better place through their work as activists, artists, scientists, and coders. The artwork was done by feminist activist Maliha Abidi, a strong supporter of girls’ education, women’s rights, and the arts.


ARTXV is a group of artists, sympathizers, and collectors who work together to support neurodiverse artists in the NFT community. To increase awareness of neurodiversity and help neurodiverse artists attain economic independence, ARTXV throws light on the wonderful work of neurodiverse artists. To our knowledge, ARTXV is the first NFT collective to enter into such cooperation with Google Arts & Culture.


To “make philanthropy an essential element of Web3,” Impact is a new collaborative that wants to leverage NFTs for social impact. Donors receive commemorative NFTs as a thank-you for their contributions.

Almost all of the money earned by Impact is donated to good causes, and Impact has just formed its first collaboration with the Keep A Breast Foundation. This wonderful organization provides support to women of color who have been diagnosed with and survived breast cancer. The money earned from selling their “I love boobies!” NFTs go toward funding their Keep A Breast “Give Back Grants,” which awards grants of $500 to cancer survivors.

Trippy Bunny

To support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the NFT artists known as Trippy Bunny revealed in August 2021 that they planned to contribute 100% of the earnings from the sale of mints from their next flagship drop. An impressive $220,886 was raised for local mental health and suicide prevention efforts thanks to the sales.

We felt this would have the most influence on the globe right now because each of our teams has been touched by suicide, whether it was a friend or a family member.

Real Nifty

According to Real Nifty, “The Ultimate Green NFT” is the company’s first and only green NFT. In one of Brazil’s regions, the money raised from the sale of these items will be used to subsidize the planting, cultivation, and care of local forests. In addition to the 30-year carbon credit, NFT owners will receive a forest piece named after them (greenhouse gas license).

Final thoughts

Using the sale of NFTs as a revenue stream, non-profits can have access to new sources of funding not available through traditional means. Charities will be able to generate a steady stream of income by collecting the fees associated with each transaction. “Leyline,” a non-profit organization, raised $60,000 by selling NFTs designed by artists and developers to benefit children with cancer and their families. NFTs allow us to possess rare artifacts in digital form as they take over the market, and this is a big draw for consumers.

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