5 Ethical NFTs Projects that are making a difference

There are a variety of NFTs initiatives taking place around the world. Some are designed purely for entertainment purposes, while others have a more profound goal. This blog post will focus on five ethical NFTs projects that are making a difference in the world. These projects use blockchain technology to make the world a better place, and we think they are worth your attention!

Fast Food Punks

There are 1,000 Ethereum-based NFTs in the primary collection of the popular non-fungible token (NFT) project known as Fast Food Punks. Individually hand-drawn and designed by FFP, each Fast Food Punk wears a fast food-related hat.

FTX’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, also highly involved in charitable activity, is among the 26 prominent crypto/NFT Twitter influencers honored in this collection.

What sparked the idea for this charitable effort?

The idea to create a collection of hand-drawn Fast Food Punks was made alongside prominent Crypto Twitter influencer Ice Bagz who donated all revenues to charity within one week of intense effort and coordination with the team.

Another critical factor in the success of any NFT project nowadays is the active engagement of the vibrant Discord community. The auctions began on August 20, 2021, and lasted for a week when all 26 pieces of art had been completed. The result? NFTs were sold for $576,704.32, and all the money went to charity.


Unlike other NFT projects, KRebels is the first to incorporate real-life koalas. Because of this, they and every one of their NFT owners is genuinely one-of-a-kind. In contrast to the rest of the world, Krebels is here to stay and provide much-needed comfort. It is also working with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to donate $50K and 5 percent of its sales.

For a worthy cause, KRebels employs cutting-edge technology to create awareness. There are 9,999 unique koala-inspired artworks created by the in-house artist that is being transformed into NFTs. But KRebels’ peculiarity goes beyond their focus on charity. Due to the company’s particular family-like strategy, NFTs are simple to grasp, easy to obtain, and joyful for clients.

With the support of the KRebels team, the koalas and their habitat will be saved from the ravages of climate change. After receiving support from celebrities like Ronaldinho, Jason Derulo, Rich the Kid, and Daniela Braga, Victoria’s Secret angel Brooks Nader, the initiative already has a big fanbase.

Additionally, KRebels has a long-term strategy for conquering the Metaverse. For their NFT holders, they’re making a YouTube show and developing a gaming experience. For the members of KRebels, there will be access to the most extravagant koala lifestyle, including concerts, fashion displays, charity galas, and many other fun-filled activities.

Women and Weapons

More than 10,000 female NFTs are shown in the Women and Weapons collection. Artwork by Sara Baumann, better known by her stage name, “Sparky,” took more than a year and a half to complete. Months of preparation went into every single stroke of the brush. As a result, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of her most extensive and daring art collection.

Over a thousand varied women NFTs are assembled in Women and Weapons, each with unique traits. The Malala Fund’s mission is to guarantee that all girls and women have equitable access to high-quality educational opportunities. The Moon’s first-ever landing.

Moon Landing

Co-founders Lisa Slominski and Nick Dehadray of Moon Landing made an effort to increase the number of NFT artists with intellectual disabilities in a planned NFT auction that will benefit their non-profit Studio. Pop culture and nostalgia play a central role in the work, interspersed with personal struggles and perseverance experiences. The collection is known as NFToons.

Initiative Onward, a Chicago group that assists artists with intellectual disabilities and social needs, has partnered with eight artists on NFToons, the first project. Ruby Bradford is a fantastic artist who is one of these eight excellent painters. And because the founder has collaborated on exhibitions with her in the past, they know that she draws inspiration for her activism from Superman and Cats, two characters with which she has an emotional connection. One of her iconic photos of Superman as a cat was caught, animated, moved off-screen, and she has sung the soundtrack for the.mp4-NFT, where she delivered a Superman-themed cat song for NFToons.

Louis Demarco is the name of yet another artist. He created several fascinating pieces titled “Words to Live.” In the tech industry, the mantras he repeats have a significant impact. As if he were in a band, he also writes his script. Toasters resulted from his own mashup of “Friends” and “Cheers,” and the program was a huge success. For this, he made a short pilot episode that Moon landing will be advertising on social media. In his NFT, he depicts the residences of two different individuals. As an added bonus, he composed all of the music for the show’s visuals and sound effects.

World Of Women

An NFT project based on women is always a favorite of ours! Yam Karkai and her accomplice Raphael Malavieille produced 10,000 unique female avatars for this NFT project. They went on sale in July of this year and were completely sold out within hours of being on sale.

They were designed to empower women and bring more diversity and inclusivity into the NFT sector, like most of Karkai’s work. As a result, World of Women NFTs is currently in high demand from gamers.

Karkai gave 7.5 percent of the earnings from the sale to charity, which was shared between groups dedicated to educating girls and eliminating child marriage, as well as a member of the community who requires emergency surgery.

Final Thoughts

Unless the market crashes, the value of tens of thousands of NFTs will likely rise to above $100 million in the near future, if not already there. Consider how NFTs may be employed in a variety of businesses now and how this could open up an entirely new and enormously lucrative market for aspiring artists.

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