How to Promote an NFT on Twitter

How to promote your NFT on twitter

The NFT space has grown significantly in the past few years. Digital art has flooded the NFT world and NFT sales have skyrocketed. Millions of individuals are on the lookout for these digital collectibles and so potential buyers aren’t an issue for NFT creators. What is proving a challenge, however, is standing out amongst so many artists.

NFT promotion has become a new focus of many creative people interested in entering the NFT world. Ensuring their NFTs are brought to the attention of this huge potential customer base, or NFT marketing, is fast becoming one of the key focuses of the NFT industry.

We understand it’s not easy

We at Mooning understand that a strong marketing strategy is made up of many parts that all come together to increase engagement, build a large following, and drive the success of an NFT. Promoting NFTs through multiple channels successfully isn’t easy though so we wanted to share some know-how for creators to be able to utilise these individual channels more successfully. In particular, Twitter spaces are proving a major driving force for NFTs compared to other social media platforms. So, today it’s all about boosting that Twitter account and how to promote your NFT on Twitter.

A range of social media platforms to choose from

There are so many social media platforms out there to choose from when developing a multifaceted marketing strategy such as a discord server, Instagram, Facebook and more. However, ‘crypto Twitter’ as it’s called is a standout. Twitter threads are full of discussion around NFTs and there are countless Twitter pages devoted to them.

NFT collectors are turning to Twitter more and more for updates on their favourite NFTs and in their search for new NFTs. Similarly, creators of NFTs are turning to Twitter threads for building community and engaging more people in their creations. Using the platform, creators are able to quickly engage with the followers and other artists that make up a large audience to connect them with their NFTs and ultimately, make more money.

But with so much competition out there, what are some of the best ways to ensure your NFTs stand out on Twitter?

How to: NFT promotion on Twitter

Gaining new followers and maintaining followers on Twitter to fill your audience and community with as many people as possible requires using the right tools in the right way. No matter how cool they are, non-fungible tokens won’t sell themselves on the Twittersphere. Read on for our hottest tips for standing out on Twitter and it’s Twitter threads.

Use Hashtags

How about adding hashtags to your posts? Hashtags are great ways to get your tweet noticed on the platform. Most people will have curated suggestions displayed to them on Twitter based on their interests. Hashtags can help your posts be considered by this algorithm and put in front of other users who aren’t yet part of your audience.

In addition, you could have followers promoting your NFTs for you as they tag their own posts or posts of yours that they share with any unique tags you come up with. For example, you could tag a post with #NFT #drop #token-leaching #art #collecting #mint. This will help get your post in front of more people and grow your audience.

Content marketing

You can’t expect twitter threads to be filled with talk of your NFT project unless you keep users up to date with the content you’re producing. Multiple tweets for single non fungible tokens aren’t out of the ordinary on twitter threads as creators keep their audience up to date on the progress of NFT collections.

This might mean cutting down on tweets about your team and process and ensuring that you have plenty of posts that highlight your content. Yes, social media platforms are a great place to connect your audience with who you are as creators but remember to connect them with what you’re creating and directly promote NFT collections you build.

NFT Twitter Parties

A good place to advertise on crypto is Twitter parties. Sometimes referred to as ‘planned chats’, these are live streams that allow the speaker to communicate with their audience and answer any questions they ask about an NFT project. Twitter parties not only help build connections with a loyal audience but can also give users quick answers to questions related to the project.

Engaging with followers in this way is an effective form of marketing focused on retention of current followers and building connection with new ones. This kind of engagement is important to couple with relevant tweets in a multifaceted strategy.

Partner with other twitter users

Partnership is another critical element in establishing new NFT projects and promoting them on social media. If a partner is already more known than you, then the greater the likelihood of attracting an increasing audience of crypto enthusiasts who will be interested in buying your NFT.

Partners could be influencers, businesses or other NFT projects. They can provide extensive support to your media projects. It’s a strategy that helps increase reach on social media and build trust and relationships between brands and customers. When people see that their favorite celebrity has been partnering with an NFT on twitter, trust increases dramatically.

This is why aspects of social media such as Twitter spaces are so powerful, as building your NFT community through partners and influencers isn’t as easy to do on blogs or a website.

Free NFT drops

There’s nothing quite as effective at building a social media following as offering free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff. We love free stuff. Now, we know what you might be thinking. You’re trying to promote NFT projects because you want people to pay for them. We hear you.

However, this is one of those things that can actually be a way of getting Twitter users to promote NFT projects for you. If you offer a free NFT drop on Twitter and those who win it like it, you can bet they will promote it to their friends or even in their own Twitter spaces. Others may be tempted to join your community if they are exposed to what you’ve given others for free.

Don’t get carried away and give everything away at 100% off, but a couple freebies offered through Twitter every now and then might be something to consider.

Take advantage of trends

It is also important to promote an NFT campaign on Twitter by considering current trends. This could include new games supported by an NFT or celebrity endorsements.


In gaming, NFTs are increasingly popular and if you can jump on this train, it can boost sales significantly. It could look like creating NFTs that are based on characters from a video game or producing a game yourself where NFTs can be used.

Charity organisations

A further trend that should also be noted is increasing charitable donations through NFTs. A community is always left with the warm and fuzzies when they feel the project, they are a part of gives back in some way. Not only is this a good point for boosting your audiences but also, it’s just a good thing to do. Just a few clicks and a simple Google search and you can find a plethora of charities that you could work with.

Twitter is the perfect platform to share your connection to these trends through. Post about them, hashtag them, share your creations that contribute to them. Make it obvious that you’re keeping up with the times and what people are interested in. You’ll seem more contemporary and engage with more active audiences.

Additional tips & tricks

Be active

If you’re not active on Twitter spaces, then your NFT collection is going to fall into the peripheral vision of your audiences. You need to consistently promote your NFT with regular tweets on Twitter spaces. Tweet with updates, tweet with information, tweet with content, tweet images, tweet what others are sharing… you get the point. Post, post, post. If you ensure there are multiple tweets going out there on a regular basis you can rely on the fact that your audiences are getting multiple exposures to your content (especially if you use hashtags).

Brand your Twitter profile to match your NFT project

We can’t stress this one enough… it’s really important that your twitter profile is brand-neutral and represents your NFT project. If you’re not sure how to do this effectively, go to the social network profile of others in the NFT space and see what they’re doing to communicate their brand. Promote your NFTs through the look and feel of your Twitter account, not just through your tweets or by relying on a link to your website.

Get Mooning on your team!

If this all sounds like hard work, that’s because it can be. One thing to note with social media is that there is no end date to its use. It will be used for decades to come and if you’re trying to keep posts frequent, then there can be very few breaks. If you want to make things easier and experience strong, lasting success, join forces with Mooning!

We’re a passionate team who want to help your project seriously take off. We want to work with you so you can harness our expertise to boost your marketing outcomes on all social media platforms, including Twitter.

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