How to Build NFT Community

How to build a powerful NFT community

We all want to be a part of a community, and we’re all community members of some sort. It’s human nature to desire a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves and the online world has made finding ‘our people’ even easier. With the now rapid growth of Web3 there are new communities evolving around Web3 applications such as NFTs. NFT communities based around certain NFT projects or a particular NFT marketplace are on the rise. Successful NFT communities allow individuals to connect, share ideas, discuss upcoming NFT drops and NFT brands, and more. They also drive the NFT industry forward and are rife with NFT opportunities.

Looking to grow an NFT community?

Many NFT projects are looking at how to build their own NFT community in the NFT space. If this is you, you’re not alone. Perhaps you want to boost the growth of your NFT projects, or you just want to bring together NFT enthusiasts. Whatever the reason, most successful NFT communities have been formed by following some tried and tested strategies for online community development. We want to help your NFT community grow by sharing these strategies. This is because we’ve experienced first-hand the awesomeness of a solid NFT community and what it provides for its community members and NFT projects.

The growth of NFTs

The NFT space has seen rapid growth in the past decade, but it’s still in its early stages. Those who are only now getting into the NFT world can still consider themselves early NFT adopters. NFT marketplaces are abundant with new creations, and it seems there’s a new NFT project every second of the day. It’s amazing to see so many people actively create NFTs that become wildly popular in communities.

An NFT project is about more than money

Many can be quick to judge the idea of a passionate NFT community, but NFT projects and NFT community is about more than money. Many NFT communities are focused on real world impact and have such impact through focused community building efforts. For example, it could be contributing new gear to the local soccer team, working to promote autism awareness, or developing ways to support women coders through investment and growth of sub communities such as the Women Rise Community. A community’s founding mission can change over time but it’s not hard to find a shared mindset of ‘giving back’ behind it all.

Why should you create NFT communities?

As mentioned, creating NFT communities can have real world impacts, but also important for the individual NFT creator is it’s an effective way to grow the market for your NFTs. NFT success is driven by a number of factors and there’s a wide range of marketing strategies that can prove effective. However, there are none quite as powerful and long lasting as a strong NFT community worth joining.

Perhaps you have a small fledgling community that you want to grow or you’re looking at building an NFT community from scratch. Wherever you’re at, growing your NFT community can take your creation beyond the confines of the NFT marketplace and help your NFT brand see massive growth.

Interestingly, NFT community members exchange ideas that help creators in identifying NFT opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of or been exposed to. This can lead to new NFTs and further expansion of the NFT industry.

What makes a great NFT community?

The following are some of the most exclusive NFT communities:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • World of Women
  • Crypto Punks
  • Cool Cats

Many of the hottest NFT communities share some characteristics, beyond just their exclusivity. They provide multiple spaces where their NFT communities hang out through social media platforms. For example, Bored Ape Yacht Club communities can be found on Twitter spaces, Discord, Instagram and more. Through social media channels they discuss the Bored Ape NFT and foster a clearly defined culture.

There are even emerging purpose dedicated platforms for hosting communities in places such as the metaverse which allow a virtual town square to take place. All these hottest communities have come to realise that building a successful NFT community requires resources and space for growth.

How to build NFT community

1. Define your NFT target audience

Defining your target audience should be a key element in establishing your NFT community. If your NFTs are incorporated into a gaming platform, then NFT players will likely be where you want to focus your efforts. Consider who will connect with your NFT and try to step into their shoes. What would they be looking for? To get your target audience interested and build a community, you could offer exclusive investment opportunities, rewards or experiences.

2. Create a vision & roadmap for your community

The second stage of your community planning is to develop visions and a roadmap. Your roadmap is an important way to get people to join the community and invested in your NFT work. Highlighting the key stages in your crypto projects and communicating these to your community is important. This will ensure they feel they are ‘along for the ride’ after hearing your NFT explained. Most NFT communities frequently discuss the progress of the NFT project they are passionate about. Member’s NFT serves need to be kept informed and clearly understand where a project is heading for this to occur. They can’t only know what’s your NFT called.

3. Choose your channel

Select the best NFT social channels and don’t limit this to one. Build community on as many online avenues as possible beyond your existing networks. Twitter can be used for quick and easy communication and NFT announcements. Reddit and Telegram offer greater openness and community involvement. Trumping them all is Discord when it comes to hosting social media conversations and social media brand building for NFTs.

Discord now hosts an extensive community of NFT members and is the go-to for many online groups such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Veefriends and more. You will need to use the most popular internet platforms to form an effective NFT community. This isn’t the only requirement to build community and sometimes the most useful strategy is to cast as wide of a net as possible.

4. Engage with your community members

During your community building process, make sure that your audience is ready to ask questions and be open to answer them in a timely manner. This helps the public think favourably about your NFT project and convince them the project is managed by authentic people/teams. To build an NFT community you need to participate in your own networks. Don’t shy away from getting involved and speaking to members of your own NFT community on a social media platform.

5. Create partnerships

Through partnerships, you are going to reach an even more diversified audience. For example, if your NFT is based around land or real estate assets in the metaverse, then partnering with real world real estate companies to promote your NFT and its community could be extremely beneficial. Your fledgling metaverse community could grow drastically due to increased interest from buyers of real-life property who are perhaps handed a business card with a QR code to scan by real estate agents. Connect and partner up. You don’t have to go it on your own.

Consistency and transparency are key

When building your own NFT community, it’s important to remain consistent and transparent. If developers are absent for a long time and inactive on social media channels, then the community can feel they are being left in the dark. NFT projects should be consistently keeping community members up to date with transparent information. Never let your community feel deceived as this will become part of the defined culture of the community and it may become toxic.

It takes time and effort

Yes, building an NFT community isn’t easy. It takes hard work and effort. However, once you get that NFT community up and running you will reap the rewards. Your NFT project will grow along with your NFT enthusiasts. You will be able to engage and be part of a passionate group of people who are invested in growing crypto projects and Web3 as a whole. You may also be able to contribute to real life community development in non NFT communities. All these potential outcomes make investing the time and putting in the hard work to build a strong NFT community worth it.

Mooning is here to help!

We understand if the investment of time and hard work is intimidating. You might find your feelings of excitement are mixed with feelings of anxiousness or hesitancy. That’s where Mooning comes in. We are a passionate team who want to see your NFT community grow and reach new heights! We have the know-how, the time and the energy to get your NFT community off the ground and talking. Through expert knowledge of a range of online avenues, we can help your dream NFT community grow in the NFT space.

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That’s what community is all about!